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Blood on the Page

Serial killers in recent Indian fiction


IN PLAIN SIGHT by Mohamed Thaver

HARPERCOLL­INS `399; 264 pages

In this debut novel, long-time crime reporter Mohamed Thaver fashions a gripping fictional account inspired by the 2010 Kurla rape-murders that rocked Mumbai.

PATANG by Bhaskar Chattopadh­yay HACHETTE INDIA `350; 256 pages

Bodies keep showing up in this Mumbai-set novel by Bhaskar Chattopadh­yay, even after the police nab the alleged culprit.

CITY OF DEATH by Abheek Barua

JUGGERNAUT `399; 288 pages

Abheek Barua’s Kolkata-set thriller pits an alcoholic cop against a ruthless killer. She must also battle her own demons and the system along the way.

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