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New travel literature to pack along with your bags


BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH: Writings on the Indian Hills by Ruskin Bond and Bulbul Sharma (editors) Speaking Tiger `699; 432 pages

Ruskin Bond lives in Mussoorie, while Bulbul Sharma spends some of her time in Shaya, a Himachali village. Together, they bring to this anthology their honed knowledge about India’s hills.

THREE CENTURIES OF TRAVEL WRITING BY MUSLIM WOMEN by Siobhan Lambert-Hurley, Daniel Majchrowic­z, and Sunil Sharma (editors) Indiana University Press `6,154; 534 pages

This travel writing collection by Muslim women from past centuries is a treat to read. It also shows us that one does not need wealth or the entitlemen­t of masculinit­y to explore the world.

TOURISTS: How the British Went Abroad to Find Themselves by Lucy Lethbridge Bloomsbury `799; 362 pages

Not all Britons travelled abroad to colonise countries. In this thorough exploratio­n of British tourism, Lucy Lethbridge shows how travel can both destroy and preserve traditiona­l cultures.

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