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➘ ORIGINS: The PFI was set up in 2006 ➘ MEMBERS: 400,000 across 23 states (claimed)

➘ CONSTITUTI­ON: Drafted in 2010, it sets out an 18-point agenda including promoting national integratio­n and social harmony, upholding the country’s democratic and secular order, working for peace, advancing the cause of minorities, protecting civil and political rights and speaking out against human rights violations

➘ THE ORGANISATI­ON: The local unit has 20 members; 3-10 units form an area, 3-10 areas form a division, 3-10 divisions form a district, and more than two districts form a zone. Each state has a general assembly and executive council. State representa­tives convene to form the national general assembly and executive council

➘ UNIFORM: PFI members wear a blue uniform at meetings and events, with stars and emblems on the shoulders

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