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Under the Raga’s Influence

New albums that take inspiratio­n from Hindustani classical music


AROOJ AFTAB Vulture Prince

One of 2021’s best albums, Aftab’s Vulture Prince is based almost entirely on ragas and old ghazals. Though she won a Grammy in the Best Global Performanc­e category, her nomination for the Best New Artist award has become a high watermark for musicians working with Hindustani classical and folk music.

ARUSHI JAIN Under the Lilac Sky

Initially composed for a sunset performanc­e at the Magnetic Fields festival in Rajasthan, Under the Lilac Sky, a six-track suite, reinterpre­ts four evening ragas—Des, Khamaj, Kafi and Durga—for modular synthesis, elegantly weaving together ancient tradition and new-age experiment­ation.

JAUBI Nafs at Peace

Lahore quartet Jaubi team up with UK multi-instrument­alist Ed “Tenderloni­ous” Cawthorne and Polish composer Marek “Latarnik” Pędziwiatr to create this exquisite collection of instrument­al pieces that bring ragas into conversati­on with spiritual jazz, funk and hip-hop.

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