Harm­ing The Cause Of Hin­duism

By Mo­ham­mad Azeemul­lah (AMU Alum­nus & Lec­turer at Univer­sity of Al-as­mariya, Libya)

Libertatem Magazine - - Contents - by Mo­ham­mad Azeemul­lah

Never had been na­tional iden­tity as much ad­hered to re­li­gios­ity of Hin­duism in mod­ern his­tory of In­dia as that of now. Never had been RSS doc­trine of faith as much ag­gres­sive in the coun­try as that of con­tem­po­rary time. The (un) godly on­slaught has only ac­cel­er­ated af­ter the as­cen­sion of an as­cetic to the throne of Ut­ter Pradesh. It seems as if one is not breath­ing in con­ge­nial­ity of demo­cratic en­vi­ron­ment but in tyranny of a the­o­log­i­cal state. The fe­roc­ity of re­li­gious­ness has gone to the ex­tent that hu­man is re­duced to be worse than an­i­mal and love has be­come a crime. For long we had been led to ro­mance with Hin­duism as a ‘cul­tural way of life’ de-tox­i­fy­ing its sys­tem of be­liefs as a ‘re­li­gion’. The Supreme Court had de­fined Hin­dutva as a “way of life.” “These words (Hin­dutva and Hin­duism) are used in a speech to em­pha­size the way of life of the In­dian peo­ple and the In­dian cul­tural ethos,” the Supreme Court had said in 1995. Even the fun­da­men­tal­ist within the es­tab­lish­ment, most notable among them is the Chief Min­is­ter of Ut­ter Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath who con­fessed the def­i­ni­tion of Hin­duism as le­git­imized by Supreme Court of In­dia. He said, ‘The idea of a Hindu Rash­tra is not wrong. The Supreme Court has clar­i­fied that Hin­dutva is not a re­li­gion. It is a way of life.’ (Times Now Apr 06, 2017) Hin­duism is ac­knowl­edged to em­brace a wide range of ad­her­ents of faiths in its lib­eral stream of thoughts grant­ing equal op­por­tu­ni­ties to in­di­vid­u­als to prac­tice their own re­spec­tive ways of life. Un­de­ni­ably, the broad spec­trum of Hin­duism en­com­passes all those who are God-fearing and all those who are ag­nos­tics mag­ni­fy­ing its pri­macy be­yond a hori­zon. No other re­li­gion in the world has been cel­e­brated with so much abun­dance of its lib­eral val­ues as that of Hin­duism. And Hin­dus since long had been proud of that. Trag­i­cally, in re­cent time, the cir­cum­stances that are lead­ing to the oc­cur­rence of vi­o­lence against Mus­lims in the name of pro­tect­ing a spe­cific an­i­mal mis­spells the long-cher­ished ideals of Hin­duism and its en­light­ened val­ues. BJP in its in­tox­i­ca­tion to ex­tend power is only us­ing Hin­duism as a po­lit­i­cal tool with­out its spir­i­tual sanc­tity lit­tle re­al­iz­ing how its di­vi­sive agenda is bleed­ing the vi­tal­ity of Hin­duism and lead­ing coun­try to the course of ir­ra­tional chaos and con­flict. From su­per­fi­cial­ity of out­look, BJP and its af­fil­i­ates may en­joy the fruits of po­lit­i­cal har­vest con­sid­er­ing them­selves as the cus­to­dian of Hin­duism but they are un­der­neath dam­ag­ing sacred ethos of In­dian cul­ture harm­ing the cause of Hin­duism that Rishis (sages) for cen­turies had evolved and fos­tered. Elec­toral suc­cesses one af­ter an­other must not blind the rul­ing party to sow the seeds of ha­tred in one com­mu­nity against the other and cause ir­repara­ble dam­age to the coun­try in the long term. The foun­da­tional val­ues of Hin­duism must not be traded for cheap pop­ulism by fan­ning emo­tions of so­cial fric­tions. Psy­cho­log­i­cal scar is dif­fi­cult to heal if wound is deep. In­dia had been his­tor­i­cally a coun­try for mil­lions of peo­ple of all faiths. It is as much a coun­try for Hin­dus as those for Mus­lims, Chris­tians, Bud­dhists and Sikhs. How­ever, the kind of ill-dis­posed po­lit­i­cal nar­ra­tive ex­pressed by the right-wing party and per­pet­u­ated on the ground by af­fil­i­ates cre­ate the im­pres­sion that In­dia is only a coun­try for Hin­dus. Those who op­pose this typ­i­cally-new-gen­er­ated the­ory of ethics are ac­cused of go­ing against ma­jori­tar­ian wishes and stand to be con­demned as anti-na­tional. If such ir­ra­tional­ity of po­lit­i­cal ex­pan­sion con­tin­ues with so much of ob­ses­sion with skewed in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Hin­duism and with so much of breed­ing fear in the weaker sec­tions of so­ci­ety, In­dia moves a step back in re­gres­sion. Ig­nit­ing emo­tions in the name of re­li­gion is the cheap­est trans­ac­tion to make to hold on to power but the re­verse is dif­fi­cult to fol­low. The Bri­tish em­pire did the same cul­mi­nat­ing the cli­max of In­dia into di­vi­sion of both its body and soul. Time is truly run­ning out at a great ex­pense to pay heed to the beauty of Hin­duism…that is in­clu­sive and re­cep­tive to hu­man val­ues. Or the worst is al­ready hap­pen­ing to cause harm to both In­dia and its great faith. Pro­mot­ing Hin­duism is not sin but do­ing so at the cost of the rights of a vic­tim­ized class, par­tic­u­larly Mus­lims, robs Hin­duism of its spir­i­tu­al­ity.

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