Priyanka Cho­pra IS A GLOBAL SCAM ARTIST? No, you are racist

‘The Cut’ columnist wrote a dis­grun­tled, vile piece on the global su­per­star

Mail Today - - ENTERTAINMENT - By Ananya Bhat­tacharya

WHEN you go to Mariah Smith’s Twit­ter pro­file for a look at the writer who is dom­i­nat­ing so­cial me­dia trends to­day, you come across a pinned tweet. It says, “I’m so f ****** nice to ev­ery­body, and ev­ery­one is so vile to me.” Then you take a closer look at her dis­play pic­ture. A ra­di­ant face. Of a black woman.

A black woman in 2018 New York. So when you go back and re-read the ar­ti­cle that has left so­cial me­dia reel­ing to­day, Is Priyanka Cho­pra and Nick Jonas’ Love For Real?, you are forced to won­der, “Is this for real?” Ablack woman liv­ing and tweet­ing from Trump-era New York can come up with and put in words such racist, look­ist, ageist and over all else – a down­right vile and per­sonal at­tack on Priyanka Cho­pra.

Priyanka is a “global scam artist”, Smith says in her col­umn. She of­fers noth­ing to back her claim. Nada. She says how Nick Jonas needs to get on the horse that he rode to his wed­ding and “gal­lop away as fast as you can”.

In­dia to the West, even in 2018, is prob­a­bly the land of snake-charm­ers and ele­phants

– and horses that we ride to wed­dings. But Mariah, whose an­ces­tors went to the US from Africa, has prob­a­bly been cut a more raw deal. None of us is un­aware of the atroc­i­ties that blacks in the US have faced, and are still fac­ing. Smith writ­ing an ar­ti­cle so ev­i­dently laced with bit­ter­ness and ha­tred for an im­mi­grant, ar­riv­iste Priyanka Cho­pra, is there­fore, like an an­i­mal rights ac­tivist get­ting tram­pled over by a cow (con­fes­sion: that’s a line from a Hol­ly­wood film, Con­fes­sions of A Shopa­holic. Be­cause an In­dian equiv­a­lent would of course be lost on Smith). The cows, to peo­ple like Mariah, we In­di­ans wor­ship. Be­cause, hey, Priyanka is brown who made it big in the US by “scam­ming” Hol­ly­wood. So she can­not have a “nor­mal” wed­ding, can­not fall in love with a man 10 years younger and ob­vi­ously can­not give her hus­band a HAPPY re­la­tion­ship.

“Ni­cholas Jonas mar­ried into a fraud­u­lent re­la­tion­ship against his will... and I’ll tell you why I think so,” Smith be­gins her tirade with this and goes on to spec­u­late in painstak­ing de­tail why she thinks this is a “fraud­u­lent re­la­tion­ship”. She is not a dis­grun­tled fan writ­ing on the woman who stole the man of her dreams. This is a columnist writ­ing for New York Mag­a­zine’s ‘The Cut’ about a global su­per­star – a woman who made it big in a coun­try known for its morethan-gra­cious at­ti­tude to In­di­ans, in an in­dus­try that gave us Hrundi v Bak­shi. Priyanka Cho­pra will tell you so.

But what ex­actly is Ms Smith’s prob­lem? Is it the fact that “Hol­ly­wood had seen noth­ing like Priyanka Cho­pra” till she landed in Amer­ica? Or is it that she ap­par­ently fooled Nick

What ex­actly is the is­sue? Is it that Hol­ly­wood had not seen any­thing like Priyanka or that she ‘fooled’ Nick into mar­riage?

Jonas into mar­ry­ing her?

And even if – for a split sec­ond, let’s as­sume – Priyanka DID fool some­one Nick, is he a love­struck 5-year-old who can­not see true love from fak­ery? Is that how gullible Amer­i­cans are? For heaven’s sake, at least have some re­spect for your own coun­try­man.

As for us, we are happy when a just-an­other-In­dian-girl breaks the glass ceil­ing in the male-dom­i­nated, white-dom­i­nated film in­dus­try and ap­pear­ing at the Met Gala with the man of her choice.

Mean­while, ‘The Cut’ up­dated the story mul­ti­ple times be­fore tak­ing it down and apol­o­gis­ing.

New­ly­weds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Cho­pra ar­rive in Mumbai (right) and at the Met Gala ear­lier this year.

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