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UT­TAR Pradesh ur­ban de­vel­op­ment min­is­ter Suresh Khanna said that the look of Praya­graj was changed for the Kumbh Mela. Speak­ing at In­dia To­day’s ‘Sangam Con­flu­ence of Minds’ in Luc­know, Khanna said that in view of the se­cu­rity of the pil­grims, the roads in Praya­graj have been widened.

“Some 1,400 CCTV cam­eras have been ar­ranged in­side the mela. This year, we have built 94 park­ing slots for 5 lakh ve­hi­cles. There are also 500 e-rick­shaws in­side the Kumbh Mela,”

Khanna added. MA­HANT Devya­giri, chief priest of Mankamesh­war Tem­ple in Luc­know, said at In­dia To­day’s ‘Sangam - Con­flu­ence of Minds’ that the dif­fer­ences be­tween a man and a woman are elim­i­nated by the use of the word “saint”. Devya­giri said that In­dia’s largest arena Juna Akhada, does not diffren­ti­ate be­tween a man and a woman. On ‘How women have bridged the miss­ing link of gen­der in the Kumbh’, Devya­giri said, “Diksha is given to men and women in the Juna Akhada. The idea of men and women has come from the West.”

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