ex­plains that peo­ple need to fol­low rou­tine closely by keep­ing a tab on goals daily. “Check your past habits and you would re­al­ize that to­day what you are is the out­come of what you have been do­ing daily,” she says. To make a new rou­tine start with sim­ple chunks and fol­low it up ev­ery day. For in­stance, walk half a kilo­me­tre daily, then in­crease it ev­ery week. “Never for­get to as­sess your progress. It will mo­ti­vate you,” Narang adds. It is a cer­tainty that you will fail in your res­o­lu­tions ini­tially. Most of us think of suc­cess and fail­ure as two sep­a­rate des­ti­na­tions with two sep­a­rate roads lead­ing to them. The re­al­ity is that there is only road. “To deal with dis­ap­point­ment of the fail­ure of res­o­lu­tions you need to first ac­cept those fail­ures as some­thing that is in­evitable. Stop re­sist­ing the fail­ures. You try any­thing worth­while, fail­ure is al­ways go­ing to be pos­si­bil­ity,” Jad­hav says.

Re­mem­ber that fail­ure is an event, not a per­son! Dis­ap­point­ment leads to pes­simistic and gloomy mind-set and will de­mor­alise you. “The best ap­proach is re­cep­tive­ness to new ideas. Learn to di­vide your dis­ap­point­ment with re­al­ity and try ex­plor­ing new ideas to cul­ti­vate your pos­i­tive ap­proach to­wards healthy liv­ing,” says Dat­tar.

Ac­knowl­edge the fail­ure as an event that hap­pened, tell your­self that this is tem­po­rary and make a re­newed com­mit­ment to con­tinue. Pick up your­self and con­tinue till you come across the next road­block. “Don't say "I want 6 pack abs" if you don't mean it,” says Jad­hav. The point is don’t rush head on into a res­o­lu­tion. “The ideas isn’t “I Want it all and I Want it now”. Set a tar­get of in­creas­ing small ba­sics and bit by bit in­crease your en­durance and abil­ity for a healthy body,” Dat­tar says.

So ask your­self "Who do I com­mit to be in 2019?" And then get into the groove. IT'S JAN­UARY, the Christ­mas and New Year fes­tiv­i­ties seem a dis­tant dream and you are pos­si­bly feel­ing a bit flat, apa­thetic and find­ing it hard to knuckle down to work and re­fo­cus.

You feel tired and not at all re­freshed and re­vi­talised. That tired­ness tends to be ex­ac­er­bated by dark, grey and cold days and as a sur­vey from vi­ta­min brand Healthspan re­veals the av­er­age worker cur­rently spends the equiv­a­lent of more than seven and half years of their life feel­ing tired. That means out of ev­ery 24 hours nearly three of these are spent fee­ing drained and lack­ing in en­ergy — that's more than 20 hours a week or six weeks of this new year.

Four in 10 sur­veyed say they feel like they're liv­ing their lives 'run­ning on empty.' Most hit a par­tic­u­lar en­ergy low just af­ter lunchtime — when four in 10 of us turn to tea and cof­fee. Fiftyeight per cent have can­celled nights out with friends due to tired­ness.

So what can you do to re-en­er­gise and re­fo­cus?

Eat­ing a healthy bal­anced diet will, ob­vi­ously, help you get the vi­ta­mins and min­er­als you need to give you suf­fi­cient en­ergy and help you to avoid any nu­tri­tional de­fi­cien­cies that can be a symp­tom of tired­ness.

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