The next gen­er­a­tion PCS

The next gen­er­a­tion PCS is be­ing de­signed to be more scal­able and flex­i­ble. It of­fers tremen­dous fea­tures such as cus­tomised dash­board, open ar­chi­tec­ture and in­ter­op­er­abil­ity

Maritime Gateway - - Pcs 1x -

The first port com­mu­nity sys­tem plat­form was in­tro­duced in In­dia in 2007, when quite many ports were be­gin­ning to ex­change in­for­ma­tion with ship­ping lines on the ves­sel man­age­ment sys­tem and few smaller func­tions. How­ever, the sys­tem was never im­ple­mented in its full scope as this would have meant up­grad­ing a num­ber of pro­cesses and bring­ing on board all stake­hold­ers from the Cus­toms to the freight for­warders and dry ports on one page.

The rea­son for which PCS 1.0 failed to achieve de­sired re­sult was lack of par­tic­i­pa­tion by all stake­hold­ers. It was not manda­tory for freight for­ward­ing com­mu­nity to be a part of PCS. Se­condly, only few sec­tions be­came a part of PCS as a re­sult, the PCS sys­tem failed to de­liver to its full po­ten­tial. The ini­tial ver­sion of PCS was con­fined only to pro­duce ves­sel pro­fil­ing and gen­er­a­tion of via/ ro­ta­tion num­ber which didn’t add much value to the trade be­cause still a ma­jor part of the prac­tice was done man­u­ally.

Over­com­ing these de­fi­cien­cies is PCS 1X be­ing de­vel­oped by

Por­tall. It is be­ing pre­pared af­ter close ex­am­i­na­tion of the ap­pli­ca­tion ar­chi­tec­ture and sys­tems ar­chi­tec­ture of the ex­ist­ing PCS 1.0. PCS 1X will be Cloud-based with frame de­sign that eases use of value added sys­tems. There will be cer­tain value ad­di­tions such as auto popup of fields, in­ter­con­nec­tiv­ity of sys­tems, de­vel­op­ment of APIS and sup­port mech­a­nism. " In fact, one of the first things we did when we got the con­tract was the APIS. Put­ting a PCS to­gether and en­sur­ing reach to the last con­stituent of trade is what will make it suc­cess­ful," says Ab­hi­jit De­sai, Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cer, Por­tall. It will en­able shar­ing of in­for­ma­tion and ba­sic grass root level us­age as well. For this a hy­brid model is adopted wherein a dash­board en­ables a user to ac­cess the data from PCS and your per­sonal sys­tem as well, en­abling the user to per­form ac­tual trans­ac­tions.

It cre­ates a doc­u­ment pro­duc­tion plat­form and mes­sage ex­change mech­a­nism and a lot of ef­fort has been put to en­sure stan­dard­i­s­a­tion. It cre­ates an open ar­chi­tec­ture wherein spe­cific so­lu­tions with a sin­gle sign-on can be brought onto the same plat­form. Con­ver­gence of data, sys­tems, func­tion­al­i­ties and their in­ter­op­er­abil­ity is en­sured in PCS 1X. A work­flow also has been de­signed so that the user knows eas­ily what to do? When to do and how to do? A pay­ment ag­gre­ga­tor plat­form has been in­tro­duced wherein you can pay to mul­ti­ple par­ties from a sin­gle source.

“PCS 1X is in line with the need for in­ter­op­er­abil­ity. Glob­ally most of the de­vel­oped coun­tries have a ro­bust PCS and they have an ecosys­tem of tech­nol­ogy ser­vice providers who en­sure that the coun­try meets the stan­dards. To­day tech­nol­ogy has to have open APIS but it should be se­cure as well,” says Liji Nowal, MD, Odex In­dia So­lu­tions Pvt Ltd.

Ship­pers will ben­e­fit from seam­less track­ing of con­tain­ers and ves­sel move­ment us­ing the mo­bile app. Each stake­holder can use a cus­tomised dash­board. Pro­cess­ing and ap­proval process will be ex­pe­dited and de­lays will be min­imised as the up­graded plat­form en­ables for set­ting re­minders. It saves the pain of con­tact­ing and fol­low-up with mul­ti­ple stake­hold­ers as ship­pers and other par­ties in the loop can ac­cess sum­mary of all dec­la­ra­tions made, ves­sel in­for­ma­tion and con­tainer load­ing de­tails on 24X7 ba­sis.

PCS 1X is de­signed to be highly flex­i­ble and scaleable. The mes­sage ex­change sys­tem trans­lates any re­quest into ap­pro­pri­ate mes­sage type and routes it to ap­pro­pri­ate provider. Sys­tem changes do not have a ripple ef­fect, i.e., if changes are made in one sys­tem, other sys­tems will not be af­fected. A strik­ing fea­ture of PCS 1X is that it in­te­grates IT en­vi­ron­ment faster and more se­curely by con­vert­ing and trans­form­ing be­tween dif­fer­ent pro­to­cols and data for­mats.

"Look­ing at the di­ver­sity of our coun­try where data is en­tered in sev­eral lan­guages, one uni­fy­ing lan­guage is the bi­nary code and when brought onto a plat­form it brings out all the ef­fi­cien­cies,” says Vi­jay Minocha, Pres­i­dent, Asia Pa­cific, INTTRA Pte Ltd.

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