Marwar - - Panel Discussion -

Good evening, ladies and gen­tle­men! Quite sim­ply, this is called Su­raj ko roshni dikhana, be­cause I am not a Mar­wari that I should be talk­ing about Mar­waris, with Mar­waris and to Mar­waris. But my only claim is that some­times be­cause you are born in the com­mu­nity, you don’t value yourself. It was 42 years ago … my first book was on Mar­waris, and I can tell you at that time the word 'Mar­wari' had a slightly pe­jo­ra­tive con­no­ta­tion.

I once wrote a long ar­ti­cle on Mar­waris and Mr LN Jhun­jhun­wala of Bhilwara called me and said, “Maan gaye, kitna achcha ar­ti­cle likha hai! Mu­jhe 100 copies chahiye iski.” I asked what did he like about it, and he said, “I want to send it to all my Mar­wari friends be­cause it ends very well.” It ac­tu­ally said that all the virtues for which the Mar­waris were known were be­ing lost one by one.

You have the trin­ity… let’s say Brahma, Vishnu, Ma­hesh. I am ap­ply­ing that to the Mar­wari com­mu­nity: There is a cre­ator of wealth, the Bramha, and it cre­ates a huge amount of wealth for the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion, which is the pre­server. And the third gen­er­a­tion sets in the cy­cle of deca­dence.

One of the Mar­wari strengths was that it had con­ti­nu­ity. They say, if three gen­er­a­tions keep their heads on the shoul­ders, an em­pire can be made; but if five gen­er­a­tions keep their heads on the shoul­ders, a dy­nasty can be made.

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