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First of all, I must thank Ma­neck Davar for hav­ing a lady on the stage. To my brothers, my Mar­wari brothers and the com­mu­nity, I am very happy to be here, be­cause the ba­sic dis­cus­sion is about cul­ture and ethics. I am a baniya and I am proud to be a baniya. What­ever Mar­waris have done for the so­ci­ety in In­dia is phe­nom­e­nal. I dis­agree with Aman that they have be­come os­ten­ta­tious. Ba­si­cally they de­rive plea­sure out of sim­plic­ity, and they are to­tally con­nected to their roots. Any Mar­wari house­hold you go to will serve veg­e­tar­ian food, which is fan­tas­tic. Mar­waris, even now—I don’t know about the younger gen­er­a­tions—know a lot about the cul­ture, the adaas, the pranam, the ba­sic cour­tesy… it’s in­grained in them. Ba­si­cally, I think cul­ture is a very in­te­gral part of Mar­waris; they stick to it, all their chil­dren stick to it. They are very ar­tic­u­late in what they do.

Mar­waris have cre­ated a lot of jobs over the pe­riod of time.

Mar­waris to­day, I would think are more open-minded. They are get­ting their girls into busi­ness, which for me is a very im­por­tant step for­ward; they are send­ing their girls abroad to study and they are get­ting mar­ried into busi­ness fam­i­lies. I think they’re giv­ing their girls bet­ter op­por­tu­ni­ties to stand up for them­selves.

I also want to say that Mar­wari house­wives have been a great sup­port to their hus­bands, and Mar­wari ladies should be cred­ited too; it’s not a pa­tri­ar­chal so­ci­ety… I think ed­u­ca­tion for girls also is a fab­u­lous idea. Mar­waris are ex­tremely pro­gres­sive in their think­ing and that’s why they are so suc­cess­ful.

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