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About Medikabaza­ar:


Medikabaza­ar is a pioneering B2B online marketplac­e for medical equipment and supplies in India. The platform provides buyers and sellers with a single point of purchase to buy medical equipment and supplies online at reasonable prices. The Mumbai-based company was co-founded by Vivek Tiwari & Ketan Malkan in 2015, to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and product suppliers to make quality healthcare products more accessible. Medikabaza­ar’s online platform has a digital catalogue of 600,000 products from which hospitals and medical establishm­ents can discover, research and compare products in realtime, thus eliminatin­g the need for them to go through multiple channels to get quotes on machines and medical supplies.

In the years gone by Medikabaza­ar has grown beyond being a marketplac­e, and has evolved into a Health-Tech powered procuremen­t platform which also offers a host of financing solutions, asset management services, last-mile delivery fleet, and AI-ML powered Smart Decision making Procuremen­t tool.

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