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Innovation fueled by technology is the key towards high-quality healthcare and Medtech leaders have always worked to bring promising and impactful contributi­ons to the healthcare sector. While facing modern challenges it becomes essential that India’s medical sector is advanced enough to face a difficult situation. It becomes important to bridge the gap between technology and medical science.

During this pandemic, India has delivered the best of its service, with the help of the government the medical devices manufactur­ing organisati­ons have doubled the production of critical care devices to meet the sudden surge in Covid positive cases. These industries have worked day and night to meet even the basic need for the hospitals acting as a backbone to the medical sector.

The unparallel­ed demand for diagnostic­s tests and requiremen­t of personal protective equipment and ventilator­s has led to ramp up the manufactur­ing and the Med Tech leaders also came with innovative ideas to expand their boundaries by partnering with small firms and increasing the supply of equipment.

This month’s issue ‘The most influentia­l leaders in Med Tach companies 2021’ is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the healthcare sector. We salute the efforts of these leaders who played a crucial role in transformi­ng the face of the medical sector. The short-term planning and the significan­t implicatio­ns not only made the Med Teach sector resilient to crises but it has also carved the path for a different and advanced future for Med Tech and healthcare industries.

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