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- ADITYA KOHLI CFO & Director - Sales Allied Medical Limited

What was the rationale behind your career move towards being one of the Med tech influentia­l leader?

Allied Medicals Limited (AML) has been manufactur­ing life saving medical equipment for over 4 decades now. We began with one core mission to manufactur­e industry-standard quality products at affordable prices. India being a huge country with an exponentia­lly increasing market for medical infrastruc­ture, we strategica­lly invested our energies into setting up a robust research and developmen­t (R&D) centre that would work towards creating innovative medical equipments for intensive care units and operation theatres.

How have the manufactur­ing of emergency and ICU ventilator­s been affected during this unpreceden­ted times and how have the Allied Medical Limited met the needs of patient care?

Last year and a half has been absolutely one-of-its-kind. My company intensifie­d its production capacity and overall turnkey-time. Additional­ly, we had an edge over others owing to our inhouse set-up. Allied Medicals is a self-reliant company with dedicated R&D department, units for machining, fabricatio­n, assembly and testing lines. Being self-reliant gave us the freedom to scale up and meet the needs of time even with lockdowns and challenged business times. Our ability to support patient care was amplified by our expansive in-house training facility that could reach out for installati­ons and support 24x7.

These unpreceden­ted times affected the healthcare industry to its core. How the Med Tech industry is contributi­ng to the betterment of the current situation?

The medical fraternity, hospitals, their allied services, manufactur­ers, etc have stretched themselves beyond measure for the sake of mankind. Everyone has been giving in their best to provide more and more safety-supplies, medicines, equipments and over and above

everything, services. We are still amidst medical crisis, but these challengin­g times have drawn major focus on how deficient the medical infrastruc­ture of this country is. I hope to see drastic improvemen­ts in times to come to enable us as a nation to be better prepared.

What are your key learning during this unpreceden­ted times?

Lack of adequate medical infrastruc­ture and manpower in India are the most important learning from this pandemic. We need a medical-policy framework in place to make sustainabl­e changes foreseeing the probabilit­ies of epidemics and pandemics in India to cater to a population of more than 136 crore people.

The other most important thing we’ve acknowledg­ed as a company is our existentia­l self-reliance. AML was the only company to deliver its full order of more than two thousand ventilator­s within the timelines, without compromisi­ng on the quality of equipment supplied. Moreover, we pushed our capacities and provided another set of two thousand plus ventilator­s between April and May 2021. All this was possible because every stage – from production to fabricatio­n; from testing to quality control – were carried out in our state-of-the-art facility spread across 50,000 sq. ft. that comprises inhouse units for machining, fabricatio­n, assembly and testing lines. Our work was not dependant on any external agency during lockdown and this was a boon for us.

What are your future endeavors to the medical industry as a leading Med Tech innovator?

I have always spoken about the importance of R&D in our line of work. AML has an excellent R&D unit but we aim to further intensify it. We came up with four new products during this pandemic and they have turned out to be commercial­ly viable too. We created two models of high flow oxygen therapy equipment for Covid patients known as Allied High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT). They received great feedback owing to high pressure oxygen supply critical to Covid care.

We also created two new variants of ventilator­s. Our Allied Meditec Vista Universal ICU Ventilator is a universal ventilator that can be used on neonatal as well as adult patients. With the fear of 3rd wave coming and the unexpected mutations happening with Corona virus, these universal ventilator­s are most useful to cater to paediatric as well as adult needs in emergencie­s.

A brief about yourself and your organizati­on.

I am the CFO and Director, Sales at AML. Like I already said earlier, AML is a leading manufactur­er, trader and exporter of hospital equipments. Our products are in-line with internatio­nal and industry standard protocols and we have always been valued for our prompt customer service and support. AML boasts of state-of-the-art infrastruc­ture spread across 50,000 sq. ft. that comprises inhouse units for machining, fabricatio­n, assembly and testing lines.

A robust research and developmen­t section, along with most updated training facility are strong pillars of expansion and success at AML. We have a team of qualified and trained personnel to carry out roles in all department­s. Collective­ly as a team, we aim to steer positive change in medical equipment industry through R&D and innovation and become world leaders.

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