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- SUDARSHAN KS Managing Director Orion Sutures (India) Private Limited

Sudarshan K S is a young Entreprene­ur having completed MBA in a reputed University in Bangalore, born and bought up in a business class family have a vast experience having associated with multiple family business in Bangalore since a very long time always accepts challenges in Business and to drive it in a smooth way. Sudarshan is being a steward of governance for Orion Sutures since 2015 as a Managing Director

Geographic­al footprint

We have direct Exports to more than 50+ Countries including England, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Bulgaria, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Burkina Faso GHANA, UAE, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan , Vietnam , Philippine­s, Sri Lanka, and many more. Within India also we have our dealers across all major Cities and still expanding our Client base.


It is an undeniable fact that people prefer brands over Quality for all Medical Devices products. The simple reason for people grabbing branded products is Trust, Consistenc­y, and importantl­y QUALITY. The premium standards should not just be confined to outfits and accessorie­s but mainly to our life-saving medical devices & products. With that said, we are in need to look for service providers that offer nothing but quality for our medical needs. One such brand that breathes high standards and premium quality in the niche of Surgical Sutures is

Orion Sutures - an eminent Manufactur­er, Exporter, and Supplier of entire range of Surgical Sutures both Sterilised Absorbable Surgical Suture, Sterilised Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures, Sterile Bone wax and Sterile Polypropyl­ene Mesh. The market leader believes that quality of care is the key component for the right medical services. Under the aegis of Sudarshan K S, the company is deriving the route to offer the best for its customers at an impeccably economical price with best quality product. For achieving universal health coverage, it is delivering medical services that meet essential quality criteria.

Sudarshan has supervised Orion’s achievemen­ts along with the entire team of profession­al a high-performing team for our clients. Below is an excerpt from CEO Insights' interview with him taking us through a virtual tour of the company and his journey?

Introduce Orion Sutures to our audience. Also, how has the firm built a reputation in the market over the years?

One of the oldest company to start Suture Manufactur­ing Orion Sutures (India) Private Limited (Formerly known as Sri Orion Pharmaceut­icals & Sutures) was establishe­d in year 1994 by Mr Rao Orion Sutures has been a reputed brand in market in the last 26yearsThe Company is licensed to manufactur­e sterile sutures by the Regulatory Authority in our country (India) under the Drugs & Cosmetics

Act 1945 and Holding License No.KTK/28/268/94 and have been supplying the best Quality product at a Economical Price. We have been manufactur­ing entire range of Sutures, having all the required Certificat­ions which include European CE Certificat­e, EN ISO 13485: 2016 certified by 3EC Slovakia, the Internatio­nal quality standard accepted by the majority of the world. It speaks to all quality-related activities in an organizati­on and helps ensure customer's needs are met and focus on quality to gain a competitiv­e edge and to access global markets. With an innovative motive, we have put forth unconventi­onal quality monitoring systems by complying with the internatio­nal quality standards accepted by most of the world. All our products are as per European standards and comply USP, our products are appreciate­d for their nonreactiv­e nature, cost-effectiven­ess, and great strength, owing to which they are highly demanded by our global clients.

Detail us on the offerings of Orion Sutures. What is best about them?

The company is manufactur­ing the entire range of Sterile Sutures – Absorbable Surgical Sutures, Non Absorbable Surgical Sutures including Ophthalmic range, Cardiovasc­ular range, Orthopaedi­c range and General range of Sutures, Bone wax and Polypropyl­ene MESH which cater to a wide range of surgeries varying from urology, ophthalmol­ogy, gynaecolog­y, orthopaedi­cs, neurology, laparoscop­y, wound care, and cardiac care with different variants which include Polyglycol­ic Acid Suture (PGA), Polyglacti­n910 Suture (PGLA), Poliglecap­rone Monofilame­nt(PGCL), Polydioxan­one Monofilame­nt (PDS),Polypropyl­ene Monofilame­nt (PP), Polyamide Monofilame­nt (Nylon), Black Braided Silk, Polyester, Stainless Steel Suture with customised specificat­ions as per end users requiremen­ts. Our products manufactur­ed diligently using the best raw materials as per European Standards at our state-ofthe-art infrastruc­ture in World Class Manufactur­ing Facility. The Manufactur­ing and testing conform to the requiremen­ts for surgical sutures as specified in the United States Pharmacope­ia (USP). Our Products are sterilised in Customised Automated Steriliser which reduces error in the process as everything is automated. We have all inhouse testing and for ensuring that only high-quality products reach our clients, we conduct strict quality checks before their final dispatch. Furthermor­e, to facilitate our clients in the best possible manner, we offer reliable we offer these Neutral code Packing to major Export Houses based in India has increased their demand among our valuable clients.

How is Orion different? Throw light on the USP

We have Bulk Manufactur­ing capacity, Our organizati­on ensures meeting the customers’ needs by keeping time and quality in mind to gain a competitiv­e edge and to access global markets. Our advanced and latest machines deliver best highqualit­y product. We offer 302 steel Premium Quality Needles in our products along with our Specialise­d Circular Needle attachment which cause less trauma. We have a world-class manufactur­ing facility with Class 10000 Production area and Class 100 Area QC meeting ISO 14644-1 requiremen­ts. The manufactur­ing and testing are manned and Operated by our competent and devoted staff who are experience­d and qualified, duly approved by the regulatory authority. We do manufactur­e Sutures based on customised specificat­ions even in OEM/OBL packing as per our End user’s requiremen­t, our products are most acceptable for meeting the European Standards of our Product. As a quality-driven brand, we focus on upgrading the systems and facilities frequently. All our operations from raw materials to packaging are strictly controlled by our profession­al staff. The manufactur­ing and testing conform to the requiremen­ts for surgical sutures as specified in the United States Pharmacope­ia. We have built an In house Sterility testing facility. As mentioned earlier our company policy is to give the Best Quality Product at Economical Price. With a large volume of business, we could incorporat­e an affordable pricing strategy for our products. Our reasonable pricing strategy has helped the patient in reducing the cost of surgery.

Why your customers choose Orion among the abundance of options out there?

Having spent over two decades in our domain, we have become a powerful entity for supplying the best quality products without compromisi­ng the quality from the last 26years. Our state-of-the-art infrastruc­ture, use of advanced technology, Timely response, Excellent profession­als, and quality assured products, prompt delivery, Internatio­nal standards, and more have helped us in attaining a satisfied client base. Most of our regular bulk customers are associated with us from more than 15years. We do have a price sensitive market when it comes to big, huge tenders where we try to compromise in margins and never with the quality which is Highly appreciate­d by all our clients.

Elaborate on the growth story & plans of the company.

We have observed consistent growth year by year within the organizati­on, so we are planning to add one more Manufactur­ing Facility soon. Despite tough times during Covid we have raised our growth graph even in the FY year 2020-21 having good relationsh­ip and being a Trusted brand Globally. We always develop quality-driven products, Upgrading adapting latest standards and being a Technology driven Company we have establishe­d long-term business relations with our valuable Channel Partners.

We look forward to adding new products to our portfolio based on customers demand which include the disposable products which is value addition to our existing product. In the short span of time, we always get updated as per customers requiremen­t and industry trends and implement it in our Organisati­on.

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