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Singapore based company Neuome Peptides Pte Ltd, a start-up backed by Mercatus Capital Singapore has developed a Peptide-based rapid antigen test kit, Trucov-flow. This technology detects SARS-COV-2 virus from saliva thus removing the need for swab and results come within 3-5 minutes maximum. It is ICMR validated and approved as a Novel Product ready for commercial launch in India which efficientl­y reduces the time taken in producing the diagnostic results without cross reactivity.

While talking to Medgate Today, Dr Rajanikant­h, Director, Neuome Peptides Pte Ltd, Singapore, expressed his sincere gratitude to ICMR for approval of economic, efficient and easy to administer his Trucov-flow, Ultra -Sensitive Covid-19 Saliva based Rapid Antigen Test kit. This new diagnostic­s kit for all covid variants scored high on all key ICMR validation parameters like Sensitivit­y, Specificit­y Positive

Predictive Value and Negative Predictive Value has been validated at Laboratory Medicine and Molecular Diagnostic­s (LMMD), Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnol­ogy, Thiruvanan­thapuram, under quality system procedure of NABL ISO 15189-2012 strictly adhering to ICMR protocols. This Rapid antigen test kits with expiry time of two years from date of production, will be commercial­ly produced by Immunoscie­nce Pvt Ltd in India and nationally and globally marketed by Neuome Peptides Pte Ltd, Singapore.

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