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Signia, a leader in the hearing aid industry, today announced the launch of Bestsound Centre, the first store of its kind in Aizawl, where consumers can experience hearing live with hearing aids and take an informed decision to enhance their hearing journey. The Bestsound Centre is set to showcase the finest from Sivantos’ premium hearing care brand, Signia. Bestsound Center is one of the largest networks of hearing care profession­als with over 290+ centre’s spread across the country and aims at providing quality services to people.

As per WHO estimates in India, there are approximat­ely 63 million people, who are suffering from Significan­t Auditory Impairment; this places the estimated prevalence at 6.3% in the Indian population. A Bestsound Centre (BSC) is a technology-driven, modern interpreta­tion of how comprehens­ive hearing care for hearing loss should be, and in talking about its contributi­on Mr Mohan Swamy (Director, Sivantos India) said, “Sivantos India, along with Nawka Speech & hearing, is excited to announce the launch of Northeast India’s first Bestsound Centre that will provide a quantum leap in sound quality and connectivi­ty to its people, enabling users to take greater control of their personal hearing experience. Under the aegis of The Bestsound Centre, we are constantly innovating new technologi­cal solutions and introducin­g advanced digital products, which offer high-quality listening experience to the user, customised for their need”.

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