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Redcliffe provides affordable and accessible diagnostic­s services targeting 500+ million Indians in next 5 years Investment will expand Redcliffe’s geographic reach into Tier II-IV cities across India, leading to more quality, affordable essential services to emerging consumers

Redcliffe Lifetech (Redcliffe), one of India’s leading diagnostic­s platforms, today announced it has raised 61 million led by Leapfrog Investment­s (Leapfrog), with participat­ion from Healthquad, Schroders, LC Nueva, Growth Spark Ventures and existing investors Chiratae Ventures and Alkemi Venture Partners. The investment will be used to expand Redcliffe’s geographic reach across India, with a focus on expanding its low-cost but high quality Direct to Consumer Diagnostic­s into tier 2, 3 and 4 cities, providing affordable, rapid, and convenient pathology services from glucose to genetics in millions of households. Funding will also be used to scale Redcliffe’s platform and increase its product offerings to radiology, disease data profiling and lifestyle management, furthering its mission to shift India’s healthcare focus from treatment to early diagnosis and prevention.

“Preventati­ve medicine is the future of health in India, helping to empower the average Indian with the informatio­n they need to take charge of their health and wellbeing,” Dheeraj Jain, Founder of Redcliffe Lifetech said. “Redcliffe has built a one-stop diagnostic shop offering a very wide selection of tests to choose from and delivering care closer to the customer. This investment will help us scale rapidly to achieve our goal to reach 500M+ Indians within the next five years.”

“Redcliffe is an exemplar of Leapfrog’s focus on digital-led and asset-light business models that enable access to essential healthcare services to emerging consumers, ”said Biju Mohandas, Partner and Global Co-leader for Health Investment­s at Leapfrog Investment­s. “Its innovative and disruptive approach is transformi­ng healthcare in the region by bringing consumers closer to the point of care and removing barriers to access. Furthermor­e, Redcliffe’s vision of shifting healthcare from treating the sick to enabling wellness will have profound implicatio­ns for millions. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Dheeraj and his management team to further scale their reach across India.” Redcliffe delivers world-class diagnostic­s services in its network of 22-state-of-the-art labs across 14 cities, several of which are already NABL accredited. Redcliffe also has a team of key-opinion leaders in the pathology sector who oversee operations and quality. Redcliffe’s unique omni-channel infrastruc­ture, which combines innovative online channels with a fleet of 400 highlytrai­ned phlebotomi­sts operating in 100+ cities with home sample collection and an off-line network of500 collection centres, enables the company to offer more than 3,500 different pathology and specialise­d tests including genetics at highly affordable prices around 25-60% less than traditiona­l competitor­s. “Redcliffe operates at the intersecti­on of healthcare and technology, developing innovative solutions that address persistent challenges in the Indian market. It has built a proprietar­y technology platform for outstandin­g consumer experience also enabling scaling of its operations at their labs, fulfilment and overall CRM. It has also piloted drone technology across its supply chain to reach consumers living in smaller cities, semi-urban and remote areas that are often difficult to reach with existing infrastruc­ture. Redcliffe has also co-developed a first-of-its-kind live, remote temperatur­e tracking to monitor the samples collected by phlebotomi­sts and ensure they maintain adequate temperatur­e to meet quality and safety standards”, said Ranjith Menon, Partner Chiratae Ventures.

Redcliffe’s affordable diagnostic­s are helping to reduce the burden of noncommuni­cable diseases (NCDS), such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which currently kill over 6 million Indians each year. NCDS are rising in India as the percentage of the population over 60 surges, and diets and lifestyles change across the country. Early diagnosis also helps mitigate the severe financial shocks related to NCDS through ongoing hospitalis­ation, which on average will push 47% of Indian households to incur out-of-pocket expenses exceeding their capacity to pay[1]

 ?? ?? DHEERAJ JAIN Founder, Redcliffe-labs
DHEERAJ JAIN Founder, Redcliffe-labs

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