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HHopefully first month of new financial year 2022-23 must have been very hectic and strategic for all of you. Post pandemic FY 2022-23 poses enormous challenges as well as opportunit­ies for healthcare industry which has been gradually gravitatin­g back towards pre-pandemic confidence level. Post pandemic, sector agnostic economic recovery imperative­s are two folds: reconcilia­tory affordabil­ity across value chain to encourage consumptio­n and commensura­te production. The other economic reconcilia­tory imperative is is reaching out export market to deepen business sustainabi­lity depth.

Indian healthcare and MedTech are no different for these economic recovery imperative­s.

I would like to compliment Singapore based Times Medical Systems, first indigenous MRI manufactur­er for repeating their global mission of manufactur­ing and marketing affordably priced MRI with affordable maintenanc­e cost in Indian market too.

With affordable and customised versions to cater neonatal, breast cancer and neuro imaging needs, Times Medical would enhance radiology penetratio­n and quality of care across all tiers of Indian market.

No doubt, Make in India , PLI and Semi-Conductor manufactur­ing policy proactiven­ess has come of age, from early years of policy procrastin­ation, and has started catalysing indigenous manufactur­ing in healthcare too.

I am also pleased to inform you that we have resumed physical MT India Healthcare Awards this year. I humbly and cordially invite you to attend 12th MT India Healthcare Awards 2022 Night on 20th May 2022, at 110 Convention Centre, BKC , Mumbai during India's biggest Medical exhibition Medical Fair India scheduled 20th-22nd May 2022.

I extend my best wishes for Fabulous Financial Year 2022 to all of you!

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 ?? ?? MD. AFZAL KAMAL Editor-in-chief MEDGATE TODAY

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