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Founder Chairman Transasia-erba Internatio­nal Group of Companies

India’s Leading In-vitro Diagnostic Company Transasia Bio-medicals is recognized today as a global organizati­on serving over 100 countries. Working relentless­ly towards its vision of a Healthier and Happier World, the group continues to be a trusted partner for lab profession­als and clinicians in enhancing patient care. So what has driven this company that started as a provider of after-sales service to becoming a global player in the last four decades? To examine this further. The road less traversed

Founder Chairman of the Transasia-erba Group, Mr. Suresh Vazirani started his journey as a qualified electrical engineer who was in the quest of doing something meaningful for the society. A chance encounter made him realize that

India was lacking way behind the West, in terms of medical technology. Moved by this state of affairs, he decided to setup Transasia Bio-medicals with a mission to meet the needs of Doctors and patients for reliable, quality and affordable diagnostic solutions.

Transasia started off as a provider of after-sales service for a Japanese equipment company. However, being imported, these analyzers were expensive. A true Indian by heart, Mr. Vazirani set-up Transasia’s manufactur­ing facility to provide Made in India, high quality equipment for affordable and accessible diagnostic­s.

Making in India for an Atmanirbha­r Bharat

From one manufactur­ing facility in the early 1990s, the organizati­on has strengthen­ed its manufactur­ing prowess with five state-of-the-art units that are operating in India today and two in Europe and USA. All these facilities are centres of excellence and compliant with ISO, US FDA and ICMED. The latest facility in Vizag facility at the Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone (AMTZ) was set-up during the lockdown and is Asia’s largest for manufactur­ing of tests for

COVID and other infectious diseases. All these

Made in India products are exported to over 100 countries across the world.

Expanding global footprints

While on one hand, Transasia has cemented its position as India’s Number One IVD Company, another interestin­g fact, is that it is among the first Indian IVD Companies to receive a CE and US FDA certificat­ion for its products to be available in the global markets. What started off as a subsidiary in Germany is today the Transasia-erba group with a presence in 12 locations, besides serving millions in over 100 countries.

Subsidiari­es such as Erba Molecular have made the group become part of the selected few companies that enjoy their own patented technology for molecular testing. Formerly known as Calbiotech, Erba USA; the company offers more than 200 immunoassa­ys specific for human and animal research including specific assays for autoimmune disorders, cancer and infectious diseases.

Reaching out to emerging markets

Providing reliable, accurate and affordable diagnostic solutions is the mission of the group. Our R&D facilities in India, Czech Republic, USA, France, UK and Austria work together to introduce technologi­cally advanced products. These are then customized to meet the needs of the emerging economies.

In fact, Transasia’s fully automated and semi automated analyzers for clinical chemistry, hematology and immunology have been gaining wide spread acceptance from countries such as Bangladesh, Philippine­s, Indonesia, Vietnam, Czech Republic and many more.

The group offers more than 1,000 types of instrument­s and test kits to cater to communicab­le and lifestyle diseases across all segments.

Setting benchmarks as India's Leading IVD Company

Today, Transasia has an impressive installati­on base of 70,000 pieces of equipment across 40,000 laboratori­es in India. Their sales, technical and applicatio­n support teams are their biggest strength that augment the quality of their product portfolio. In fact, they are proud to have the largest team of over 800 sales and service experts in the Indian IVD Industry working through 25 zonal offices and 130+ service locations in India (the highest in the Indian IVD Industry). They are also strengthen­ing our channel partner network to cater to every part of the country.

Their teams reach out to some of the most remote and treacherou­s regions of the country not serviced by any other company!

Quality, affordabil­ity and accessibil­ity have made them the preferred choice for several large public procuremen­t projects for the state and central government institutes.

Giving back to the society its due

The Transasia-erba group works with communitie­s to build a world of hope and happiness. For over a decade we have been associated with PATUT (Parents Associatio­n Thalassemi­c Unit Trust), to aid in the early detection and screening of genetic disorders such as thalassemi­a. Besides, this we have been running scholarshi­p programs for deserving students who aspire to pursue profession­al courses.

The Erba Institute of Laboratory Technology, Panchgani, Maharashtr­a has been set-up to provide opportunit­ies for skill developmen­t and livelihood opportunit­ies for people of the nearby areas. With every passing year, the initiative is generating a pool of skilled lab technician­s to run diagnostic centres efficientl­y in the nearby remote areas.

The road ahead

In addition to launching new and advanced diagnostic systems in CLIA, Molecular, high-end hematology, AI, LIS, etc., we will soon be launching a very innovative and affordable ‘Total Solutions in Laboratory Diagnostic­s.’

2022 will be a landmark year for Transasia-erba group in which it will be launching many of these h-tech solutions that will enhance clinical outcomes for a Healthy and Happy World.

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