Cus­tom en­graved, com­pact and nice-look­ing key­pads are be­com­ing the pre­ferred choice, writes Alok Hada, Di­rec­tor, Anusha Tech­no­vi­sion

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We can cre­ate ‘Smart Homes’ by us­ing tech­nol­ogy that can make in­te­rior spa­ces user-friendly, flex­i­ble and en­ergy-sav­ing. Con­necɵng ap­pli­ances through a sin­gle point con­trol, is a grow­ing trend that’s lead­ing to fully au­to­mated smart homes. The abil­ity to con­trol your home re­motely through a mo­bile ap­pli­caɵon helps you main­tain an eas­ier, carefree life­style. Pre­set Lighɵng con­trols that achieve the per­fect lighɵng lev­els in a space, at the touch of a buʃon are in vogue. You can re­move most of the light switches cluʃer­ing up your wall and man­age your lights on an el­e­gant touch­pad or mo­bile de­vice. Smart lighɵng soluɵons typ­i­cally use LED lights since they of­fer more con­trol opɵons, leƫng you adjust their in­ten­sity and color through the user in­ter­face. Mo­tor­ized shades that al­low the home owner to con­ve­niently open or close shades are in­creas­ingly con­sid­ered the norm rather than the ex­cepɵon. Distribuɵon of Me­dia in the home over low volt­age wiring with the help of new com­pres­sion tech­nolo­gies that can use nor­mal eth­er­net wiring to dis­trib­ute AV over IP. This helps keep the TV Wall ‘clean’, and at the same Ɵme, helps share video sources among var­i­ous dis­plays. This is go­ing to be in­creas­ingly asked for. Voice acɵ­vated com­mands for Home Au­tomaɵon with the help of Ama­zon Alexa, and Google Smart Home de­vices are go­ing to take off in the com­ing year. Stream­ing Me­dia con­tent has the potenɵal to re­place set top boxes and tradiɵonal con­tent providers in homes, pro­vided the in­ter­net speeds keep pace with band­width re­quire­ments. No amount of tech­no­log­i­cal in­no­vaɵon can be fruiƞul if it does not trans­late for its in­tended end-users. ATPL seeks to bridge this gap by creaɵng an im­mer­sive en­vi­ron­ment where home­own­ers can be fa­mil­iar­ized with their opɵons and brought up to speed with how tech­nol­ogy can make life eas­ier for them. Thus, home au­tomaɵon can be in­stalled into both new and ex­isɵng homes, and de­pend­ing on the com­plex­ity and range of the re­quested funcɵon­al­ity and de­vice in­ter­op­er­abil­ity can be cus­tom­ized for each home owner. With to­day’s smart phone and tablet tech­nol­ogy, and voice com­mands now geƫng in­creas­ingly main­stream with Alexa and Google Home, home­own­ers should have liʃle to no dif­fi­culty op­er­aɵng their smart home. ATPL has been in­te­graɵng var­i­ous sys­tems to en­able a sin­gle point of con­trol to the end-user in homes for the past 15 years.

Alok Hada, Di­rec­tor, Anusha Tech­no­vi­sion Pvt. Ltd. (ATPL)

Re­plac­ing the old-style bank of switches on the wall with easy to un­der­stand, cus­tom en­graved, com­pact and nice-look­ing key­pads is geƫng to be the pre­ferred choice for not only many home own­ers but also in­te­rior ar­chi­tects, writes

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