Ra­heja Plat­inum, Marol

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The canopy and por­tals with their seam­less and sleek look are the fo­cal points of the struc­ture. In this com­mer­cial com­plex project, the ar­chi­tects en­abled op­ti­miza­tion of por­tals and a canopy by study­ing the ge­om­e­try. The ex­oskele­ton of the build­ing was al­ready built. The client’s brief was sim­ple: clean ge­om­e­try and min­i­mum wastage. The ex­ter­nal por­tal was de­signed to be fab­ri­cated in steel and cladded with Co­rian to add to the façade of the build­ing. Co­rian ma­te­rial gives a seam­less ap­pear­ance to any sur­face; it can bend in 3 axes and is cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant. But since the ma­te­rial is quite ex­pen­sive, the wastage had to be min­i­mal. Com­pu­ta­tional de­sign meth­ods helped the ar­chi­tects achieve the de­sired re­sults. They em­u­lated the ac­tual build­ing in the Rhinoceros soft­ware to get an ac­cu­rate un­der­stand­ing of the ge­om­e­try. Numer­ous it­er­a­tions were per­formed on the shape through shape shift­ing pa­ram­e­ters on the por­tals. Once the de­sired shape was achieved, and which didn’t con­flict with any built struc­ture, the fab­ri­ca­tion draw­ings were made. Three types of panel sur­faces were de­signed for the canopy: flat pan­els, singly curved pan­els and dou­bly curved pan­els. The flat and singly curved pan­els were built on site whereas the dou­bly curved pan­els were dig­i­tally fab­ri­cated and then trans­ported to the site. Digital fab­ri­ca­tion makes the process zero wastage since all the site mea­sure­ments are taken into

con­sid­er­a­tion and then the fab­ri­ca­tion is done. In the fab­ri­ca­tion process, joints can be made nearly in­vis­i­ble by join­ing the rel­e­vant pieces with Co­rian’s own col­or­matched two-part acrylic ad­he­sive. The pieces are clamped tightly to­gether in or­der to ex­press any ex­cess ad­he­sive. After the ad­he­sive dries, the area is sanded and pol­ished to cre­ate a near-seam­less joint. This seam­less ap­pear­ance is a sig­na­ture char­ac­ter­is­tic of the ma­te­rial. Fur­ther­more, stag­gered panel place­ment was de­signed to op­ti­mize the canopy and por­tals and to avoid wastage. The stairscase win­dows were given a per­fo­rated ge­o­met­ri­cal pat­tern to cre­ate a seam­less ge­om­e­try with the opaque sur­face. Com­pu­ta­tional meth­ods helped achieve the ra­dius of the cir­cles. These can be changed and re­vised up­til the fab­ri­ca­tion day to achieve the op­ti­mum sizes ac­cord­ing to the site con­text, with­out hav­ing to re­make the drawing set.

Fact File Project: Ra­heja Plat­inum, Marol Type: Com­mer­cial com­plex Sta­tus: Com­pleted De­sign Team: Khushbu Davda, Seeja Sud­hakaran, Dar­shana Pun­jani, Sa­jan Mehta, Priyanka Itad­kar Col­lab­o­ra­tion: IAG Con­sul­tants

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