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of North In­dia, and Udampur in Jammu prov­ince, Sri­na­gar’s near­est rail­head (202 km) re­ceive a large num­ber of trains from most parts of In­dia

from Anant­nag to Baramulla Jammu and the project is ex­pected to be com­mis­sioned within the next 5-7 years Jammu are: Malwa Ex­press, Su­per Fast, Jammu Mail, Jammu Ex­press, Shal­i­mar Ex­press, Seal­dah Ex­press, Jhelum Ex­press, Him­giri Ex­press, Him­sagar Ex­press, Lo­hit Ex­press, Sar­wo­daya Ex­press, Sar­vo­daya Ra­jkot Ex­press, Happa Ex­press, Navyug Ex­press, Go­rakh­pur Ex­press, Ba­rauni Ex­press, Madras Ex­press, Ra­jd­hani Ex­press and Ferozpur Ex­press.

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