Strengths and weak­nesses:

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Put down your strengths and make a list of the five most dif­fi­cult times of your life and see how you over­came those chal­lenges. Be lib­eral in not­ing your strengths, for in­stance, the abil­ity to ac­cept and live through an ad­ver­sity is as much a strength as is the abil­ity to walk away. Ask your friends what strengths do they see in you and which events made them feel that way? See if you can use these strengths to han­dle chal­lenges. Do a sim­i­lar ex­er­cise for your weak­nesses and for the ma­jor re­grets in life. If the sit­u­a­tion was some­thing that you could not have con­trolled, then there is only scope for ac­cep­tance. If it was some­thing you could have, then ac­cept that you did what you thought best.

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