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Not very easy to find–but such peo­ple can clearly vi­su­alise where the or­gan­i­sa­tion can travel to and have the com­pe­tence to make it hap­pen. If you are not the “hard work­ing, in­no­va­tive type”, quickly look for an­other job. Even for the com­pe­tent you have to learn to hold his/ her at­ten­tion long enough to understand your ideas. He or she is your big­gest and con­stant re­source to be able to ac­com­plish your tasks. Ac­cept him/her and do your best. Bosses will sur­prise you by how much they want you to suc­ceed – re­mem­ber one is work­ing for the or­gan­i­sa­tion through them. Get to know your boss well. Con­nect­ing and con­ver­sa­tions are im­por­tant, so some ef­fort needs to be made to find out in­ter­ests, prob­lems and back­ground. Re­mem­ber when the boss does well, you do too (in most cases).

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