Of course, there are other types–

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bu­reau­crat, self cen­tred and so on.

politi­cian, It seems the fun­da­men­tal prob­lem is that we spend far too much time analysing bosses and look­ing for faults. Rarely do we ob­jec­tively an­a­lyse is­sues rather than the per­son. Bosses, most of the time, have bosses too. If not a direct boss they are af­fected by poli­cies, en­vi­ron­ment, changes, fam­ily (in fam­ily owned busi­nesses) and so on. Peo­ple enjoy author­ity but do not al­ways enjoy the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties so mis­matches oc­cur. 1. Look into our­selves and at the en­vi­ron­ment

(in which our work hap­pens). Be­ing in touch with our­selves is the first step to be­ing a good boss. Think of all the peo­ple you would like to be in touch with and why some­thing spe­cial in them. For those who have just joined jobs, think of col­lege and school teach­ers. Peo­ple keep in touch for years with some of their bosses – this only hap­pens when bosses turn out to be lead­ers. Please enjoy be­ing your own BOSS – the rest will hap­pen.

Bosses are not for­ever, lead­ers are.

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