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Like your re­sume, if there’s noth­ing unique about it, peo­ple will ig­nore your web pres­ence. Add a lit­tle more to the for­mat­ted list­ing of your ed­u­ca­tional back­ground, pro­fes­sional achieve­ments and pho­to­graph.

As this serves as an e-hand­shake and helps cre­ate a good im­pres­sion, in­vest time on it. The stan­dard in­vite will be ei­ther ig­nored or will make you look like a ‘ climber’ (some­body who wants to grow their net­work to im­press oth­ers). When invit­ing, make it easy for peo­ple, by adding a point of ref­er­ence–where did you meet, how you know them. This takes time but saves them pre­cious time click­ing on your pro­file.

Es­tab­lish clar­ity on who you want and why you want them, mak­ing it eas­ier to build your net­work. At times, we blindly ac­cept re­quests be­cause ei­ther it takes too much ef­fort to re­search on the per­son or even af­ter check­ing their pro­file, we were still clue­less. Would you like to be linked with some­one who has du­bi­ous cre­den­tials/con­tacts? Some peo­ple have a strat­egy–only ac­cept in­vites from peo­ple who are ei­ther real friends or peo­ple they have worked/ com­mu­ni­cated with in the past.

Pro­fes­sional net­work­ing sites are not a race to see how many con­tacts you can notch up. In­stead, con­nect with a few and con­cen­trate on con­vert­ing these into mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ships.

While I agree that lim­it­ing your con­tacts to peo­ple you al­ready know de­feats the idea be­hind on­line net­work­ing, make sure you have a good rea­son to ac­cept re­quests from com­plete strangers, as you will be known by the com­pany you keep!

Some peo­ple send out in­vites by the dozen and such ran­dom in­vi­ta­tions are best ig­nored. On the other hand, if some­body does not re­spond to your re­quest, don’t con­front/ re­mind them, grace­fully ac­cept­ing that they did not wish to re­spond. •

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