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Th e Gov­ern­ment of the Repub­lic of In­done­sia has waived off Tourist Visa for In­dian Cit­i­zens and for­eign na­tion­als of 75 coun­tries and ter­ri­to­ries.

Th is waive is granted for 30 days, nonex­tend­able and can­not be con­verted into an­other type of visa ( valid for tourism pur­pose only)

Fol­low­ing doc­u­ments has to be car­ried at the time of travel. a) Pass­port with the va­lid­ity of min­i­mum 6 months. b) Re­turn air ticket. c) Ho­tel confi rma­tion. d) Two pass­port sized pho­tographs with red back­ground.


Pass­port: Copy of fi rst and last page of pass­port with the va­lid­ity of min­i­mum six months from the date of travel.

Photo Specifi cation: Copy of pass­port size pho­tographs with 60- 80 per cent face cov­er­age, light back­ground and with­out bor­der ( Size: 35mm x 45mm).

Please Note: Pho­to­graph should not be more than three months old, scanned/ sta­pled and should not be used in any of the pre­vi­ous visas.

Ticket: Confi rmed Re­turn Air Ticket.

• Visa can be ap­plied on­line.

• Du­ra­tion of Stay: 30 Days

• Visa is valid for a pe­riod of 58 days from the date of is­sue.

New Rules An­nounced by the UAE Im­mi­gra­tion:

1. Va­lid­ity of the pass­port should not be less than 6 months from the date of ar­rival in UAE.

2. If the trav­eler has a valid UAE visa and is re- ap­ply­ing again, the new ap­pli­ca­tion will not be pro­cessed un­til his / her old visa is ex­pired.

3. If the trav­eller has over­stayed on his / her pre­vi­ous visa, the new visa ap­pli­ca­tion will be re­jected.

4. If re­fused, a UAE visa can be re- ap­plied only af­ter com­ple­tion of the stip­u­lated 45 days from the pre­vi­ous re­jec­tion. Non con­for­mance to this time pe­riod can lead to re­fusal of the sub­se­quent ap­pli­ca­tion.

5. Any ap­pli­cant who is in­side the UAE' and ap­plies for new visa, the new visa ap­pli­ca­tion will be re­jected by im­mi­gra­tion.

Va­lid­ity of 96 Hrs Visa: With im­me­di­ate eff ect the va­lid­ity of

96 Hrs visa has been re­vised as be­low:

Va­lid­ity for En­try in Dubai- 30 days from date of is­sue. Va­lid­ity for Stay- Max­i­mum 96 Hours from the time of stay.

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