While in a busi­ness meet­ing, it is es­sen­tial to master some tech­niques to in­tro­duce your­selves with busi­ness cards, shares ex­pert Shi­tal Kakkar Mehra

Our eti­quette ex­pert, Shi­tal Kakkar Mehra, shares the nu­ances of shar­ing a vis­it­ing card dur­ing meet­ings, and how it acts as pro­fes­sional re­sume to the po­ten­tial client

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First used in 17th cen­tury France, small “Visite Biletes" or vis­it­ing cards were used by vis­i­tors to write prom­is­sory notes. Later, Con­ti­nen­tal Europe and fi­nally USA adopted them, mak­ing these cards an es­sen­tial busi­ness tool. To­day, com­pa­nies re­gard the busi­ness card as a pow­er­ful vis­ual tool of their cor­po­rate im­age, in­vest­ing sub­stan­tial re­sources in de­sign­ing them.


Present the card with both your hands (in the Ja­panese style). This is in­creas­ing prac­ticed in the busi­ness world, emerg­ing as the global style of ex­chang­ing busi­ness cards. The read­ing ma­te­rial should face the re­cip­i­ent. In a cock­tail party or a net­work­ing event, place your cards in the right pocket of your jacket, present the card with your right hand. In a sit-down meal, ex­change cards be­fore or af­ter the meal. Food and cards don't mix! Carry cards in a card folder, en­sur­ing they stay neat and crisp.

Don't jot down notes on the busi­ness card. If your con­tact de­tails or des­ig­na­tion has changed, order a fresh set of cards.


Ac­cept the busi­ness card with both your hands.

Quickly glance through the card, read­ing the name / des­ig­na­tion/ firm. Use busi­ness cards as ice-break­ers – a com­ment on the con­tent / de­sign of the card is a great way to start a con­ver­sa­tion with a stranger.

Place the card neatly in your jacket pocket or hand­bag.

Don't leave cards be­hind on the ta­ble.


As ev­ery­one loves the sound of their own name, make an in­stant con­nect with your busi­ness as­so­ciates by us­ing their names. To achieve this, place their busi­ness cards in front of you in the same order as they are seated in the busi­ness meet­ing. Des­ig­na­tions on busi­ness cards give you a fair idea of the firm's or­gan­i­sa­tion struc­ture.

Present the card with both your hands, this is in­creas­ing prac­ticed in the busi­ness events

Shi­tal Kakkar Mehra

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