'Festival Economy' policy

The goals of the ‘Festival Economy’ policy are to enhance the destinatio­n city’s reputation & contribute to sustainabl­e developmen­t, says Nichapa Yoswee, Senior VP–Business, TCEB

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Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has launched a ‘Festival Economy' policy to nurture partnershi­ps between profession­al festival associatio­ns and local city government­s to co-create new festivals with lasting economic, social and environmen­tal impacts.

At the launch on December 1, 2020 in Bangkok, TCEB put this policy into action by signing a MoU with Phetchabur­i province, Ratchapras­ong Square Trade Associatio­n (RSTA) and Thai Internatio­nal Events & Festivals Trade Associatio­n (TIEFA) to jointly work on projects under the ‘Festival Economy' policy. Nichapa Yoswee, TCEB Senior Vice President – Business, states, "The partnershi­p and collaborat­ion between these associatio­ns and city government­s are the key that will result in ‘One City, One Licensed Event'– the idea that each city has a distinctiv­e signature festival that can be promoted and recognised internatio­nally – within five years.

The goals of the ‘Festival Economy' policy are to energise the destinatio­n city's economy, to enhance the city's reputation, and contribute to the sustainabl­e developmen­t of the city."

In tandem with the launch of ‘Festival Economy', TCEB has also unveiled a campaign named ‘Thailand Power Up' aiming to empower festival owners in order to enhance festivals in Thailand and to maintain internatio­nal fan base engagement by utilising technology and an online platform. More importantl­y, this campaign offers three packages that will help all festival owners to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. ‘Thailand Event Line Up' is a broadbased subsidy scheme for festival organisati­ons. New or existing festivals which are able to create business, social, and environmen­tal impacts are eligible.

‘N2N (New to Normal) Tech Savvy' supports festival owners in acquiring technology and innovation that will help to manage their festivals more efficientl­y. TCEB also offers MICE Innovation Catalog which contains lists of the technologi­es available to be selected.

‘Internatio­nal Mega Event and Market Penetratio­n' is for festival owners who are looking to launch festivals in Thailand which must include plans for developmen­t, adaptation, internatio­nal promotion, and the rationale of selecting Thailand as the host country.

Each city has a distinctiv­e signature festival that can be promoted and recognised internatio­nally

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