Ex­perts fish for so­lu­tions to stop aquatic life deaths in filthy Ban­ganga tank

Ex­perts visit pol­luted tank af­ter re­li­gious of­fer­ings kill hun­dreds of fish; sug­gest clean-up, wa­ter fil­tra­tion and build­ing an ar­ti­fi­cial tank to pre­serve aquatic life there

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FOL­LOW­ING the death of hun­dreds of fish in the Ban­ganga tank af­ter Pitru­paksh rit­u­als last week, a team of ex­perts came to the spot to as­sess so­lu­tions for pre­vent­ing such an event in the fu­ture. The team, headed by vet­eri­nar­ian Dr Di­nesh Vin­herkar, vis­ited the his­tor­i­cal tank on Fri­day for the same, and will soon be back to clean it. They would also be for­ward­ing a list of sug­ges­tions to pre­vent these deaths.

Of­fer­ings im­mersed in the tank dur­ing Pitru­paksh rit­u­als choke the fish and other aquatic life in the tank to death ev­ery year. This year was no dif­fer­ent, with hun­dreds of fish be­ing seen float­ing along with flow­ers and other rem­nants of the of­fer­ings. Ma­rine sci­en­tists and vet­eri­nar­i­ans feel the rea­son be­hind this is the pol­lu­tion the of­fer­ings cre­ate in the tank.

Dur­ing their visit, Vin­herkar and his team vis­ited the tank with hon­orary wildlife war­den of Pal­ghar Dhaval Kansara to in­ter­act with the lo­cals and un­der­stand what ex­actly caused the deaths. They ap­pear to have found some an­swers. Vin­herkar told mid-day, “Around seven of us vis­ited the spot on Fri­day af­ter­noon, and prima fa­cie, it ap­pears that the main rea­son be­hind the deaths is the pol­lu­tion that takes place in the tank, be­cause peo­ple not only of­fer flow­ers and gar­den ants, but also re­lease food of­fered dur­ing Pitru­pak­sha, along with other ma­te­ri­als. On Fri­day, we saw a thick layer of oil on the wa­ter in the tank, which makes it dif­fi­cult for the fish to breathe, thus re­sult­ing in their deaths.”

The team is work­ing to­wards a so­lu­tion. They dis­cussed a plan with lo­cals wherein, with the lo­cal BMC ward of­fice’s help, they can start the process to clean the tank in the com­ing months. Vin­herkar added, “We’ve sug­gested in­stalling a small wa­ter fil­tra­tion ma­chine in a sec­tion of any gar­den that is close by to help keep the wa­ter clean. We’ve also sug­gested build­ing a small ar­ti­fi­cial tank, and spread­ing aware­ness among those com­ing to Ban­ganga to re­lease their of­fer­ings in the ar­ti­fi­cial one, so that the main tank stays un­pol­luted.”

£Dump food or any­thing else in the tank as it can be dan­ger­ous for the aquatic life in­side £En­ter the wa­ter, as it is pol­luted be­cause of dead fish


Ma­rine sci­en­tists and vet­eri­nar­i­ans feel the rea­son be­hind these fish deaths is the pol­lu­tion the of­fer­ings cre­ate in the tank.

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