Not a sin­gle ma­jor fire­cracker in­jury in city this Di­wali


‘No one has been ad­mit­ted at the [KEM] hos­pi­tal with ma­jor burns. It was mostly a safe Di­wali for peo­ple, which is good news’ Dr He­mant Desh­mukh, dean, KEM hos­pi­tal

JUST like the city’s streets, Mum­bai’s hospi­tals, too, have been largely quiet this Di­wali, thanks to the re­duced use of fire­crack­ers. None of the ma­jor hospi­tals in the city have re­ported se­ri­ous burns from crack­ers this year. Around 40 peo­ple were rushed to these hospi­tals, but none sus­tained ma­jor in­juries. Cur­rently, 12 peo­ple are un­der­go­ing treat­ment at the big­gest state-run burn cen­tre at Airoli, the Na­tional Burns Cen­tre.

JJ hos­pi­tal had five pa­tients with burns from fire­crack­ers, with none ad­mit­ted. Most of the pa­tients were in the age group of 7-11 years, with one 35-year-old woman who sus­tained a first-de­gree burn on her right hand. The youngest pa­tient was seven-year-old Rinky Pu­rans­ingh, who suf­fered an in­jury in her right eye, while eight-year-old Nikhil Ya­dav suf­fered burns on his hand, foot and nose. They are both sta­ble.

At KEM hos­pi­tal, no ma­jor burn cases were reg­is­tered dur­ing Di­wali. Dr He­mant Desh­mukh, dean of the hos­pi­tal, said, “No one has been ad­mit­ted at the hos­pi­tal with ma­jor burn in­juries. It was mostly a safe Di­wali for peo­ple, which is good news.”

At Sion Hos­pi­tal, 12 peo­ple were brought with mi­nor burns, of whom two are cur­rently un­der­go­ing treat­ment. The sit­u­a­tion is same at the other ma­jor civic-run hospi­tals — Nair and Cooper hospi­tals.

The Na­tional Burns Cen­tre at Airoli re­ceived 12 burn pa­tients, ten of whom are from Mum­bai, while one is from Delhi and an­other from Gwalior. Dr Su­nil Keswani, in-charge of the hos­pi­tal, said, how­ever, that the num­ber of cases might in­crease over the next few days, as burn pa­tients are of­ten taken to pri­vate clin­ics for treat­ment ini­tially, and are brought to the burns cen­tre later, when the con­di­tion gets ag­gra­vated. “We get se­ri­ous pa­tients after two to three days. I can’t com­ment ex­actly on whether the num­ber of cases has de­creased. We will have to wait and see.”

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