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Can you find the words con­nected in one way or the other with the theme in­di­cated by the ti­tle in to­day’s Word Search? The words may be read hor­i­zon­tally, ver­ti­cally or di­ag­o­nally ei­ther for­wards or back­wards, but al­ways in straight lines. Use a ruler to cross them through as you find them. Ap­ple, Asleep, Bash­ful, Beauty, Cas­tle, Comb, Cot­tage, Doc, Dopey, Dun­geon, Dwarfs, Evil Queen, Fairy Tale, For­est, Glass Cof­fin, Grumpy, Happy, Heiress, King, Kiss, Love, Magic, Min­ers, Mir­ror, Nee­dle, Poi­son, Prince, Seven, Sleepy, Sneezy, Snow White, Spell, Step­daugh­ter, Throne

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