Mid Day : 2019-02-11

City : 10 : 08


CITY 08 mid-day Monday, February 11, 2019 | www.mid-day.com | twitter.com/mid_day | epaper.mid-day.com METER FROWN COMMUTERSPEAK COMMUTERSPEAK COMMUTERSPEAK SHAIKH MUJIBUR REHMAN, passenger at LTT ‘I wanted to go to Andheri SEEPZ and the maximum fare for that destination is to But here, no one seems ready to go by meter and they are demanding to ply. This is a very serious issue and authorities need to think about us’ R170 R200. R250 RIZWAN SHAIKH, passenger at LTT ‘I wanted to go Sakinaka. For that, the drivers here are demanding If I go by meter, it will hardly take to but they are demanding any fare they want. People are neither seen following the law nor fearing cops’ R300. R100 R150, passenger from Jaisalmer Even before our train halted at Bandra terminus, auto and taxi drivers had managed to enter the compartment. Now I am waiting with my kids while my husband haggles with the drivers. Why can’t they just ply by meter?’ passenger from Ahmedabad ‘Earlier there was a pre-paid taxi stand, but it is no longer functioning. Now the drivers charge us double. From here to Ulwe, it should cost hardly R700, but they ask for R1,500. Ola or Uber will take 20-30 minutes to arrive, so we have no choice but to agree to the demands’ SMITA JAIN, ANAND AHUJA,

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