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6 arrested for robbing man of Rs 1.78 lakh


PALGHAR: A week after a cash collection agent was robbed of Rs 1.78 lakh on a highway in Palghar district of Maharashtr­a, police have arrested six members of a gang allegedly involved in the crime, an official said on Wednesday.

The personnel of Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar (MBVV) police commission­erate took the action, he said.

"On April 7, victim Santosh Pandey (31), was going on his two-wheeler after collecting cash from a shop. He was carrying with him Rs 1,78,900. When he reached Rajavali on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, four men pushed his vehicle, due to which he fell down. They later ran away with the cash," said inspector Pramod Badhak of MBVV police's Virar crime unit.

NEW DELHI: Union Environmen­t Minister Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday said India will raise its climate ambitions but not under pressure, and that it will not allow anybody to forget their historical responsibi­lity.

He also said that India is suffering because of the mistakes of others and "is not responsibl­e for climate change that is happening".

Javadekar made the remarks during a speech after a meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at the French Embassy.

French minister le Drian said the consequenc­es will be disastrous if the world is not able to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, or even 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.

That's why it is absolutely indispensa­ble that all countries increase their climate commitment­s by the time the COP26 takes place in Glasgow, as required by the Paris Agreement,

he said.

"This increase in ambition must include setting new nationally determined contributi­ons by 2030 and also long-term strategies to achieve carbon neutrality. We must stop building new coal-based power plants and it is essential that we progressiv­ely stop this mode of electricit­y production at a global level," le Drian said.

Javadekar said, "We will complete our commitment­s, raise our ambitions but not under pressure. And we will also ask countries to provide finance and technologi­cal support and about their (climate) actions."

He said India is the only G-20 country to walk the talk on the Paris climate agreement and "we have done more than we promised".

The minister said that the frequency of abnormal (weather) events has increased but "let us not forget that this is not a new phenomenon".

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