Millennium Post (Kolkata)



The loss caused by COVID-19 is increasing rapidly at double the pace. As compared to April 2020 when daily six to eight thousand cases were creating panic among people, the condition now is almost 20 times more dangerous. Still, the people and the government are busy in Kumbh and elections. The condition in Maharashtr­a is deteriorat­ing. The odd/even strategy and stringent restrictio­ns will be unhelpful as Maharashtr­a has a population of more than 12.5 crores which is almost double that of the UK. The unawarenes­s and derelictio­n of people created the second wave which is even more powerful, despite knowing its adverse impact. The economy will only regain strength if its people are healthy enough to get in the groove. Proper sanitisati­on, mask, social distancing, vaporisati­on and healthy lifestyle will keep the virus ‘bahut gaj door’.


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