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Russian Prez Putin gets 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot


MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he got his second COVID-19 vaccine shot, three weeks after getting the first dose.

The Russian leader announced getting the jab, which was kept out of the public eye, at a session of the Russian Geographic­al Society, in which he took part via video link.

Right now, before entering this hall, I have also gotten the second jab. I hope everything will be fine. I don't even hope as much as I'm sure of it, Putin said.

Putin got his first Coronaviru­s shot on March 23, also out of sight of the cameras, and the Kremlin wouldn't reveal which of the three vaccines currently approved for use in Russia the president has taken.

The Russian leader's vaccinatio­n comes several months after widespread immunizati­on against COVID-19 started in Russia a delay that puzzled many, with some critics arguing that it was contributi­ng to the already existing public hesitancy about the vaccine.

Russian authoritie­s have given regulatory approval to three domestical­ly developed shots Sputnik V, EpiVacCoro­na and CoviVac.

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