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Radhika loved the process of directing ‘The Sleepwalke­rs’


Radhika Apte, who has portrayed a myriad of roles, has taken up direction. The actress released the trailer of her directoria­l debut, The Sleepwalke­rs, at Palms Spring Internatio­nal short film festival. ‘The Sleepwalke­rs’ features Shahana Goswami and Gulshan Devaiah in lead roles.

Talking about the process of taking up direction, the actor said, “I had never thought of making films. There was no such plan. I just had the urge to write because sometimes you want to create content that challenges you. Roles that come your way are not necessaril­y from the space that you want them to come from. I just wanted to write something that interested me. There are things that I passionate­ly want to do. When I bounced off the story to Honey Trehan and Abhishek Chaubey, they decided to make it. I had 10 days for the prep and shoot. When I finished writing, I realised

I didn’t want to act in it, but I wanted to direct it. And, I absolutely loved the process.”

Radhika’s fans are eagerly waiting to witness the magic she has created, this time being behind the lens.

Radhika was last seen in OK


The actress was lauded for her performanc­e in the web series but the show received mixed reviews from critics and the audience. The actress will be next seen in Mrs Undercover. She will play the role of a housewife who turns undercover agent in the film.

Radhika released the trailer of her directoria­l debut ‘The Sleepwalke­rs’ during the lockdown at the ‘Palms Spring Internatio­nal Short Film Festival’

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