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Bidhannaga­r: Contest between outgoing Min & former Mayor


KOLKATA: Ironing out the loopholes which were detected after the results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Trinamool Congress is all geared up to put up a tough fight against the BJP in Bidhannaga­r Assembly constituen­cy.

In 2019, BJP took a lead by 6,000 votes from Bidhannaga­r Assembly constituen­cy, which falls under the Barasat Lok Sabha seat. Sujit Basu, the outgoing minister for Fire and Emergency Services department, is contesting against Sabyasachi Dutta, the Trinamool turncoat, who was the former mayor of Bidhannaga­r Municipal Corporatio­n.

Political analysts opined that for Dutta, the Trinamool tag would work as a disadvanta­ge. Neither old BJP workers nor RSS men supported Dutta. “Without their assistance, he is finding it difficult to run the show. As RSS is against induction of Trinamool leaders in BJP and making those candidates, its workers in Lake Town have distanced themselves from Dutta. Similarly, the old-guards of BJP have also refused to pump in full effort as Dutta,” sources said.

“Sujit and Sabyasachi both have worked for the developmen­t of the area, but Sabyasachi is hot-headed and arrogant while Sujit maintains cordial relations with people,” said an old resident of Salt Lake.

Analysts opined that in Lake Town, Sujit Basu may get votes from the nonBengali speaking communitie­s because of his close relations with them. “We know Sujit da is always with us. He has carried out major developmen­t work in the area,” said a resident of Lake Town.

Over the past few years, Basu has resolved water-logging issues, illuminate­d the area and improved roads. The service road, which runs parallel to VIP Road, has helped the residents.

“Basu has a strong support base in Duttabad, where the original habitants of Salt Lake reside. These people were close to Subhas Chakrabort­y, sports minister of the erstwhile Left Front government. As Basu was close to Chakrabort­y, he came in contact with them in the early 1990s. When Basu joined TMC, these people also shifted their allegiance to the party,” analysts opined.

Sabyasachi Dutta because of his long associatio­n with BMC is close to a large section of non Bengali voters in Salt Lake. He is also close to the residents of several blocks and is leaving no stone unturned to use his contacts to win the seat. The constituen­cy will go to polls on April 17.

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