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Ajay and Siddharth come together for comedy-drama Gobar!


Two of the most renowned production houses of the Hindi film industry, Ajay Devgn films and Roy Kapur Films are all set to collaborat­e for a comic-drama titled ‘Gobar’. With a common endeavour to create quality entertainm­ent that is both compelling and unique, the two stalwarts have announced this exciting new collaborat­ion. The forthcomin­g film will be directed by renowned ad filmmaker Sabal Shekhawat and is written by Sabal Shekhawat and Sambit Mishra.

Set in the cow belt of India during the 1990s, ‘Gobar’ is an amusing satire inspired by true events that transpire when an idiosyncra­tic animal-loving veterinary doctor chances upon a tangled web of corruption in his local state hospital. Exploring a never-seen-before milieu, ‘Gobar’ is a one-ofa-kind comedy themed on one man’s hilariousl­y bumbling and ridiculous­ly brave journey to stand up against corruption whatever the consequenc­es.

Producer Siddharth Roy Kapur shares, “‘Gobar’ is a story that chronicles the seemingly pointless but ultimately heroic journey of a simple citizen who deals with corruption in a way that will bring on many laughs, much adventure, and ultimately a simple message about the power of the common man.”

Producer Ajay Devgn says, “The story of GOBAR! is at once unique, relatable, and incredibly funny, as well as gripping and entertaini­ng to the point that I’m confident it will compel people to go to the theatres. We are very clear about the impact we want to make. We want viewers to laugh, relax, perhaps think a little bit and be entertaine­d.”

Director-writer Sabal Shekhawat says, “‘Gobar’ is a film that will take viewers back to the charming days of the 90s and the simple life of small-town living. I wrote this story keeping in mind a few true events that unravelled a gamut of issues, the centre of which is a vet whose love for his cows and animals supersedes everything. I’m grateful and happy that two esteemed producers showed faith in my vision and offered a sizeable canvas to the storyline.”

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