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India ranks 87th among 115 countries in ETI globally


NEW DELHI: India has been ranked at the 87th position among 115 countries in the Energy Transition Index (ETI) that tracks nations on the current performanc­e of their energy systems across various aspects, according to a report.

The report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) released on Wednesday and prepared in collaborat­ion with Accenture also draws on insights from ETI.

The top 10 countries in the index are Western and Northern European countries, and Sweden is in the first position followed by Norway (2nd) and Denmark (3rd).

“China (68) and India (87), which collective­ly account for a third of global energy demand, have both made strong improvemen­ts over the past decade, despite coal continuing to play a significan­t role in their energy mix,” the report said.

As per the report, India has targeted improvemen­ts through subsidy reforms and rapidly scaling energy access, with a strong political commitment and regulatory environmen­t for the energy transition.

“China’s improvemen­ts primarily result from reducing the energy intensity of the economy, gains in decarbonis­ing the energy mix through the expansion of renewables and strengthen­ing the enabling environmen­t through investment­s and infrastruc­ture,” it added.

The index benchmarks 115 countries on the current performanc­e of their energy systems across three dimensions -- economic developmen­t and growth, environmen­tal sustainabi­lity, and energy security and access indicators -- and their readiness to transition to secure, sustainabl­e, affordable, and inclusive energy systems.

As per the report, 92 out of 115 countries tracked on the ETI increased their aggregate score over the past 10 years, which affirms the positive direction and steady momentum of the global energy transition.

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