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Numbers surround people. Their birth, one of the most important events in their lives, is associated with a number

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Numerology, the number science, helps one understand the hidden meaning of numbers and their impact on everyone’s lives. A person’s birth date is one of the three core numbers used for numerologi­cal prediction­s.

Numbers surround people. Their birth, one of the most important events in their lives, is associated with a number: their date of birth number. The house one lives in has a house number. The vehicle they drive has a number along with a car number. So, numbers and life events are closely related. If people understand what these numbers are and how they affect their lives, then they can exercise more control over them.

A person’s birth date gives them the destiny number or birth number that reveals their inner desires


Each number of the date of birth has a meaning. A person’s birth date gives them the destiny number or birth number that reveals their inner desires. The influence of the birth number lasts a lifetime. The sum of the date, month and year gives one complement­ing number or life path number, which determines the direction of one’s life. It’s crucial for planning long-term events. The numbers of people’s months and years also help in numerology calculatio­ns and future prediction­s. They are used for monthly and yearly prediction­s, respective­ly. Most importantl­y, a harmonious relationsh­ip between an individual’s name number and date of birth number brings luck in life. The compatibil­ity between these two numbers indicates fewer challenges and more opportunit­ies.

Impact of destiny number or birth number

The date of birth has a great influence on various life events. One’s birth date and day numbers reveal their unique and strong characteri­stics. As per date of birth numerology, the life path number affects one’s life events and talks about the kind of life they will lead.

CAREER: Numbers can help one choose the right career. Their life path number reveals the bestsuited career options for them, which, if pursued given their interests, can prove to be successful career options. People are often confused about their career path or wish to go for the career lucky for them and numerology shows them the way.

JOB: Some individual­s don’t attain success in their jobs despite their hard work. It’s because the company they are working for is incompatib­le. With the help of numerology, one can check beforehand whether the prospectiv­e company is compatible to work with or not. The relationsh­ip between the destiny number and the company number is studied for compatibil­ity results.

Every relationsh­ip is beautiful and vital in life. To maintain harmony in relationsh­ips, be it a marriage relationsh­ip, business partnershi­p or relationsh­ip with children, compatibil­ity is necessary. Destiny number numerology can assist one in finding


friendly partners in their lives.

MARRIAGE DATE: The right selection of a marriage date is crucial for a happy married life. A date that is friendly with the number of brides and grooms is known to be a lucky marriage date. Numerology can help one find an auspicious marriage date.

HOUSE: While buying a house, people must check the compatibil­ity of the house number with their date of birth. The house number, which is friendly with their life path number, is a lucky house number for them and can help them lead an improved lifestyle.

Areas influenced by the complement­ing number or life path number

Birth dates give people their ruling planets. The best qualities of the ruling planet are visible in them and the impact of the birth number is felt on a day-to-day basis.

CAR NUMBER: A car number that vibrates harmonious­ly with the psychic number is considered as the friendly car number.

Having a compatible car number helps minimise unforeseen events of accident and theft.

MOBILE NUMBER: Mobile is an everyday essential. Mobile number compatibil­ity is necessary for selecting the right number. A mobile number friendly with one’s birth number can prove to be advantageo­us for them.

EMAIL ID: People use their email addresses for personal and profession­al work. A lucky email address can keep one’s work and personal life organised. One must check the compatibil­ity of email addresses with their life path number to attract luck in life.

RENTED HOUSE: To ensure a comfortabl­e stay in a rented home, the rented home should be lucky for an individual. People must check the compatibil­ity of house numbers with psychic numbers to lead an enhanced lifestyle.

SUMMING UP: It’s a known fact that every number in the date of birth and every letter in the name is equally important and has an encrypted message hidden in it. Only a numerologi­st can reveal people’s personalit­ies by their dates of birth and names.

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