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KMC collects over Rs 7L fine from violators of vector control guidelines


Kolkata Municipal Corporatio­n (KMC) is learnt to have collected more than rupees seven lakhs as fine from violators in cases it won in the municipal magistrate court pertaining to violation of vector control guidelines.

The civic body which is reeling under a revenue crunch seems to have found another way to fill its coffers to some extent. With people allegedly continuing to violate dengue guidelines set by the KMC, the municipal body has decided to take strict action to prevent any outbreak. In a bid to do so, the KMC, it was learnt, has collected more than seven lakhs so far from fines imposed for violation of dengue guidelines.

As per KMC vector control officers, most of the cases last year were apparent in the southern part of the city compared to the north. According to them, there are many vacant lands and locked up properties which over the years, due to lack of maintenanc­e, became a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In many cases, the owners of the properties could not be traced. However, in cases where the civic body gave an initial warning for violation guidelines, it took stringent action the next the rules were seen broken. To the repeated offenders, notices under Section 496 (A) of the KMC Act are being served. If the violation continues, the KMC then lodges a case at the Municipal Magistrate Court against the accused party. About 13,736 such notices were issued and 145 cases were filed against violators.

According to KMC data, 2023 saw a spike in dengue cases due to climatic changes and some unavoidabl­e reasons. The number of cases was higher than in 2022. An official said that the civic body has created a ward-wise data bank on potential mosquito breed

ing sources. This revealed that most cases occurred in South Kolkata from Borough VIII to XIV.

“We have already started our anti-mosquito drives this year. Awareness campaigns are afoot in all the boroughs,” an official said.

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