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East Midnapore: CM unveils 493 projects worth over Rs 1437 cr


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Monday, inaugurate­d and laid the foundation stones for 493 projects worth over Rs 1437 crore for East Midnapore district from a state government distributi­on programme at Tamluk. Over 7.20 lakh people were handed over benefits in connection with various social welfare projects from the programme.

Among the major projects inaugurate­d on Monday, are the modernisat­ion of the fish harbour at Sankarpur, the toy manufactur­ing unit at Haldia, the modernised bus terminus at Nandigram, a 5 KV sub-station and a multi-purpose rescue centre at Ramnagar, among others. Banerjee also inaugurate­d a number of road projects – Mahisadal to Nandigram, Khejuri to Heria, Egra to Bajkul,

Marine Drive Road at Ramnagar I Block to name a few.

She virtually inaugurate­d seven water projects in the Howrah district that shares its border with East Midnapore. The projects will ensure the supply of piped drinking water to lakhs of people in nine blocks of Howrah as well as East Midnapore. The total expenditur­e was Rs 1634.54 crores.

She also laid the foundation stone for projects involving road

constructi­on, developmen­t of power supply as well as healthcare infrastruc­ture. An integrated public health laboratory will come up at Tamralipta Medical College for which Rs 40.55 crore has been provided, Banerjee announced.

“Tamluk is a historical city and played a major role in the Quit India Movement. To honour Matangini Hazra, who sacrificed her life in the country’s freedom struggle, we built the Matangini Hazra Memorial College and a memorial gallery at her residence,” Banerjee said.

She mentioned that constructi­on of the Jagannath Temple at Digha is presently ongoing while adding that the height of the temple will be the same as the height of the Jagannath Temple at Puri. The place for serving ‘bhog’ will be adequately spacious.

Criticisin­g the Centre for refusing to pay for the Ghatal Master Plan, she assured the state would take up the project with its own funds.

 ?? PIC/MPOST ?? Mamata Banerjee at the programme, in East Midnapore, on Monday
PIC/MPOST Mamata Banerjee at the programme, in East Midnapore, on Monday

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