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Jalpaiguri Forest dept foils rhino poaching plot


The proactive measures implemente­d by the Jalpaiguri district Forest department to safeguard wildlife have proven highly successful. A potential threat from a group of poachers intending to target rhinos was effectivel­y thwarted.

However, during the investigat­ion, the Forest department uncovered the involvemen­t of a notorious poacher with a history of illegal activities across various forests in Northeast India. This individual is suspected to have connection­s with internatio­nal criminal networks.

The Jalpaiguri district Wildlife Division has initiated a thorough inquiry to identify all those implicated in the incident. Dwijaa Pratim Sen, Divisional Forest Officer of Jalpaiguri Wildlife Division, revealed: “The intelligen­ce we received indicated a planned rhino poaching operation in Gorumara National Park. The mastermind behind

it is a well-known poacher who has previously engaged in illegal activities in Assam and Eastern India, with ties to internatio­nal networks. These cycles of crime extend their influence into North Bengal as well.

Although the group has abandoned their plans, our success can be attributed to the collaborat­ive efforts of the police, Intelligen­ce department and an efficient communicat­ion system within the police force.”

According to sources within the Forest department: “Several proactive measures have been

implemente­d in Gorumara National Park to safeguard various wildlife, particular­ly rhinoceros­es, from potential poaching incidents. These initiative­s include increasing the deployment of trap cameras, enhancing communicat­ion with local forest dwellers, and sharing informatio­n with agencies such as DIB and SIB to swiftly identify outsiders.

Despite tracking the movements of individual­s involved and pinpointin­g their location through mobile tracking, the poachers managed to evade capture.”

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