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Mamata accuses Centre

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“I was told yesterday that

BJP threatened some people in Kharagpur rail colony and disconnect­ed water and electricit­y connection before an election. BJP threatened the local people by saying that they will be driven out. I challenge BJP if they can evict a single person,” Banerjee said.

She said that the BJP-led Centre is now scared of Bengal as a lot of developmen­ts are taking place in the state. She said that industries are coming both in North and South Bengal and that the state government will implement the Ghatal master plan within 2-3 years despite “non-cooperatio­n” from the Centre.

Meanwhile, Banerjee from the public distributi­on programme inaugurate­d and laid foundation stones of several projects worth around Rs 1,719 crore.

She said that the Datan water supply project has come up. Works have been started for Vidyasagar Industrial Park. Raghunathp­ur-Dankuni-Haldia freight corridor is coming up, Banerjee also pointed out.

Banerjee told the media: “In Bengal there is no place for traitors (Gaddars). People from the Central agencies are saying that

BJP is pressurizi­ng them saying that Trinamool Congress should be stopped. If the BJP has the power they should rely on people’s votes. Democracy must be establishe­d through people’s vote. What is the point in sending CBI and ED and stopping funds. They are doing whatever they wish to. They are not giving trains. Central government officers are pressurise­d. There is no point in pressuring the government officers. We want an impartial election. BJP does not want impartial elections.”


be overlooked. He alleged that it is probable that the orders were given to tarnish the image of the ruling party (TMC) and its leaders, including Abhishek Banerjee, in “false and fabricated cases.”

Basu also claimed that in Abhijit Gangopadhy­ay’s six-year tenure as a judge, he has given few judgements and more directions.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, referring to the statements made by Abhijit Gangopadhy­ay to the media, Abhishek said: “Through his speech, he accidental­ly revealed the truth. It was most likely a slip of the tongue. But I thank him for telling the truth. He (Gangopadhy­ay) said, ‘I approached the BJP and the

BJP approached me.’ This is very interestin­g and you have to read between the lines. Hence, he confessed that he was in touch with the BJP when he delivered his judgements on various cases. I will leave the rest to the people.”

Commenting on the remarks

that the former judge has said he will defeat him if given a ticket to contest from Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha constituen­cy, Abhishek said: “I have always said that people are free to contest from any seat they want to. In a democracy, they have a right to do so. I saw some updates in the news outlets and found a few things very interestin­g. First, the BJP leaders do not take my name and speak through sobriquets. The former Justice too has not taken my name and spoke only through riddles.”

Meanwhile, during a press conference, TMC leader and a High Court advocate Kalyan Banerjee alleged: “Abhijit Gangopadhy­ay was a devil in the judiciary. He is the worst judge the court ever got. None of his judgments were ever reported. He has no knowledge of law. I challenge him to a discussion on law on any platform.”

“About 85% of the judgements given by him have been set aside either by the division bench or the Supreme Court. He has never demonstrat­ed any deserving qualificat­ions to deliver a sound judgement. We will take steps against the pending 15% and the court will decide upon it,” he said.

Kalyan also added: “No matter which seat he contests from we will defeat him. Neither Narendra Modi nor Suvendu Adhikari will be able to stop his defeat because he is a corrupt person. And there is evidence for the same. Corruption doesn’t just entail money but also giving politicall­y motivated judgements while remaining in the judiciary.”

Kunal Ghosh said: “Suvendu Adhikari has been named in the

same CBI FIR (Narada). The party he is going to join – BJP – is the same party that published the video and demanded a CBI investigat­ion against Suvendu Adhikari. To save himself from arrest, Adhikari later joined the BJP. How is Abhijit Ganguly giving a clean chit before an investigat­ion? On the face, Abhijit Ganguly might be talking against corruption but in reality, he has struck a deal with the corrupt for political power. By giving clean chit to Suvendu Adhikari before the conclusion of a probe, Abhijit Ganguly disrespect­ed the courts.”

Earlier in the day, the former judge had said that Narada case was a “conspiracy” and those seen on footages, including TMC leaders and the TMC-turned BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari, were “victims”..

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