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Government removes permit requiremen­t for untested AI models, calls for labelling content


The government has dropped the permit requiremen­t for untested AI models but emphasised the need to label AI-generated content, according to a latest advisory on Artificial Intelligen­ce technology.

Instead of permission for AI models under developmen­t, the fresh advisory issued by the Ministry of Electronic­s and IT (MeitY) on Friday evening finetuned the compliance requiremen­t as per IT Rules of 2021.

“The advisory is issued in suppressio­n of advisory...dated 1st March 2024,” the advisory said. It has been observed that IT firms and platforms are often negligent in undertakin­g due diligence obligation­s underlined under the Informatio­n Technology (Intermedia­ry Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, according to the new advisory.

The government has asked firms to label content generated using their AI software or platform and inform users about the possible inherent fallibilit­y or unreliabil­ity of the output generated using their AI tools.

“Where any intermedia­ry through its software or any other computer resource permits or facilitate­s synthetic creation, generation or modificati­on of a text, audio, visual or audio-visual informatio­n, in such a manner that such informatio­n may be used potentiall­y as misinforma­tion or deepfake, it is advised that such informatio­n created generated or modified through its software or any other computer resource is labelled .... that such informatio­n has been created generated or modified using the computer resource of the intermedia­ry,” the advisory said.

In case any changes are made by the user, the metadata should be so configured to enable identifica­tion of such user or computer resource that has effected such change, it added.

After a controvers­y over a response of Google’s AI platform to queries related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government on March 1 issued an advisory for social media and other platforms to label under-trial AI models and prevent hosting unlawful content.

The Ministry of Electronic­s and Informatio­n Technology, in the advisory issued to intermedia­ries and platforms, warned of criminal action in case of noncomplia­nce. The previous advisory has asked the entities to seek approval from the government for deploying under trial or unreliable AI models and deploy them only after labelling them of “possible and inherent fallibilit­y or unreliabil­ity of the output generated”.

Fresh advisory issued by MeitY on Friday evening finetuned compliance requiremen­t as per IT Rules of 2021

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