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Air India lays off over 180 non-flying staff

Two rounds of VRS were offered since the takeover by the Tata Group


NEW DELHI: Air India has laid off more than 180 nonflying staff in recent weeks, sources said while the airline maintained that the affected people were not able to utilise the voluntary retirement schemes and reskilling opportunit­ies.

The loss-making Air India was taken over by the Tata Group in January 2022 and since then, efforts are being made to streamline the business model.

An Air India spokespers­on on Friday said that as part of the fitment process, employees in non-flying functions have been assigned roles based on organisati­onal needs and individual merit.

“A comprehens­ive process has been followed to assess the suitabilit­y of all employees over the past 18 months. During this phase, there have also been multiple Voluntary Retirement Schemes and reskilling opportunit­ies offered to employees.

“However, for less than 1 per cent of our employee base who have not been able to utilise VRS or reskilling opportunit­ies, we have to part ways. We are honouring all contractua­l obligation­s during this process,” the spokespers­on said in a statement.

While the airline did not mention the exact number of staff who have been laid off, the sources said it was a little over 180 legacy employees.

Air India has around 18,000 employees.

Two rounds of VRS were offered since the takeover by the Tata Group.

As part of the multi-year transforma­tional initiative Vihaan.AI, the spokespers­on said one key aspect is to build an agile and effective organisati­onal structure in line with the business model to support expansion and ambition, the spokespers­on added.

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