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Trinamool candidates for LS elections 2024 hit poll trail

‘They have kept faith in me & I am thankful to them...’


Trinamool Congress (TMC) candidate for Hooghly Lok Sabha constituen­cy, Tollywood star Rachana Banerjee on Saturday started her poll campaign from Singur that had given Bengal politics a new dimension.

Singur was the place where the Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee had begun her movement against land-grab by the then Left Front government.

During a preparatio­n meeting in Hooghly’s Singur, Rachana said that she has pledged to work for the people of Hooghly and she will visit the households and know their problems.

“Trinamool Congress Supremo Mamata Banerjee and the party’s national general secretary have given me an opportunit­y. They have kept faith in me and I am thankful to them as well. Some people

asked me why the campaign was started from Singur. I told them that Singur was the place where Mamata Banerjee had started her movement. I will take some soil from Singur and give it to Banerjee. She is ill. I have spoken to her over the phone,” Rachana said while addressing a gathering.

She also made it clear as to why she joined politics. She said: “I think that it is imperative to come to politics if you want to work for the well-being of the people at large. I will

never come and sit in an airconditi­oned room and go away. I will listen to the problems of the people. I will keep my word. Mamata Banerjee had told me that they were thinking about me and she did not tell me that they were going to field me from Hooghly.”

Rachana Banerjee has been chosen as Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee’s No. 1 pick for Hooghly.

Rachana has been pitted against BJP’s Locket Chatterjee. Her candidatur­e was speculated on ever since

the Trinamool Congress supremo Banerjee had participat­ed in the show hosted by the actor.

Meanwhile, three-time MP from Birbhum, Shatabdi Roy who is contesting for the 4th time on Trinamool Congress ticket began her campaign on Saturday by offering her prayer at the Tarapith Temple.

She said that her margin would increase this time. “The history of Birbhum tells that the margin had increased in the past. This year it will be no exception,” she said.

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 ?? ?? (Left) TMC’s Rachana Banerjee and (right) Shatabdi Roy during their campaign for the Lok Sabha elections
(Left) TMC’s Rachana Banerjee and (right) Shatabdi Roy during their campaign for the Lok Sabha elections

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