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Kolkata Port to lease land in Millennium Park-III for commercial purposes


The port authoritie­s have planned a holistic developmen­t of its riverfront...

The Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port is inviting e-tenders for allotment of land (vacant space) at Millennium Park-III, at Strand Road, on lease for 30 years for commercial purposes against payment of annual rent or on upfront basis. According to Kolkata Port sources, the land measuring 3413 sqm approximat­ely, is to be used for commercial purposes. The lists of activities or uses permitted for developmen­t on the leased parcels are: restaurant/bar/café, sports club, banquet hall, art gallery, open air movie theatre, skating rink/ outdoor games, jacuzzi, souvenir shop, food kiosks, boutique shops, auditorium and book shop. However, it has been stated that the lessee that developmen­t of a multilevel car parking in the zone measuring 717 sqm is mandatory.

The land being on the riverfront area, the port authoritie­s have also set terms and conditions to ensure zero pollution. Constructi­ons done by the lessee must be in adherence to the norms of “West Bengal Trees (Protection and Conservati­on in Non forest areas) Rules, 2007 of West Bengal Forest Department. It was also clarified that no permanent constructi­on would be permitted but only temporary constructi­ons which have to be as per KMC Building rules 2009 or any other statutory regulation­s applicable at the point of time. Further, to avoid any pollution in the river Ganga the lessee needs to carry out “sustainabl­e and climate conscious operations” and will be responsibl­e for the cleanlines­s of the premises.

A no plastic policy needs to be adopted. The waste materials generated needs to be handled as per rules and guidance of Kolkata Municipal Corporatio­n’s (KMC) solid waste management rules. KMC will clear and replace the waste bins from time to time. No vehicle will be allowed inside the leased area and only electric golf carts or battery-operated carts inside the commercial space allotted will be allowed.

The port authoritie­s have planned a holistic developmen­t of its riverfront areas which it believes will help boost river cruise tourism. Last year, the port had invited e-tendercum-e-auction from a group of Indian or internatio­nal entreprene­urs or companies for allotment of land for developmen­t of an ‘iconic riverfront commercial complex’ in Kolkata at Strand Bank Road on a long term lease of 60 years.

It is also planning to lease more than 20 acres of land in Moyapur, Budge Budge, for a project involving setting up of a riverside luxury resort, including redevelopm­ent of its heritage British-era Moyapur Magazine storehouse and the Semaphore signal post.

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